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Pleco breeding history?

8 years 10 months ago #30927 by dragonkeeper
Haven't heard anything like this, but thats not surprising.

Only question is how reliable and in the hobby is your source?

~Retired President~

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8 years 10 months ago #30925 by GREENWOOD2

    A fellow who seemed rather knowledgeable told me this story and I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it:

A seem a number of years ago several of the numbered wild plecos at the Shed Aquarium were "breed" . The fish, which this gentleman said included Royal Pleco, and several other species were moved off exhibit into "raceways" with fast moving water to hold the specimen until returned to  a dispay area. The raceways included flat rock or slate in the water stream. The rock were found to be sheltering eggs in a number of the species. Since no attempt was being made to do any form of breeding, records and information as to what condition and enviroment caused it were never kept. The guy says he has been told this story by staff who were at the aquarium for some time. He is now 50 and thinks the story dates back to when he was in High School. He believes some of these fish were #'ed plecos that are even today not capatively breed. Your thoughts......

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