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S. fryeri with bloat

11 years 10 months ago #9885 by rm-slover
Replied by rm-slover on topic S. fryeri with bloat
I've beaten bloat before with metronidozole (sp) others have used Clout. you can do either but you'll use a lot more if you treat the tank. I only ever treated the tank if I have multiple fish showing symptoms.

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11 years 10 months ago #9877 by addicted2cichlid
hasnt eaten in 3 days, he is showing some belly now, im positive it is bloat, ive dealt with it a couple times before and my guys havnt made it.  its impossible to get pics, i am willing to tear down half the tank to get him.  he sits in his rock cave, doesnt even move to chase, or for food.

what med(s) do u guys suggest...  i have a ten that he willl be in soon, or IF possible to treat the 75 he is in now.  also is it contagious?

thanks guys.

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me:  please get out of my house.

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