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Power Outage

12 years 5 months ago #4441 by baldtaxguy
Power Outage was created by baldtaxguy
The circuit board for our home is being upgraded next week and our electrician indicated that power will be cut for about a half-day.  He indicated that during the outage, he can run a live 20-amp line down to my fish room and I'll be able to plug in a power strip for whatever I need.

Each tank has sponge filter with a dedicated air pump - I've been planning on centralizing the setup with one pump, since the multiple air pumps have grown over time, but have...not...gotten...to it yet.

I also have various canister and HOB power filter running as well (big fish, big filtration).

I'm likely going to run each air pump to a multi-outlet strip.  So, if things work, I am reasonaly assured that each tank will have sufficient oxygen.

The question I have is re: the canister and power filters.  I have read negative accounts of power outages for some length of time re: power filters - when the power is resetablished, there is a negative effect on water quality, usually fatal to fish.  I can't find what I have read in the past and was hoping someone could steer me in this direction where I can read the details or otherwise provide the info.  I'm inclined to disable the power filters and break them down and clean them before returning them to operation.  Any thoughts?

"Tanks" in advance.

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