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Possible Mecury Poisoning - HELP

12 years 6 months ago #19 by nuth88
My buddy had a major issue in his 125, I need advice on how to handle it.

Long Story short, his kid had one of the old time thermometers in his 10 Gal with some fry and some lil guys. He has been told, "Do Not clean the glass" that is for the bristlenose. Well he is a kid. so he was scraping the glass off and broke his thermometer......freaked out, got the fish out right away. get his dad (my buddy-Dave) out of a deep sleep (He works for the USPS-3rd shift supervisor) and told him, "I busted the thermometer, where do I put my fish?" (Giant Gourami - 2", 2x Amarillo - .75", 1x Pictus Cat - 2", 1x Dempsey - 2")

It gets worse

So my buddy, sleep talking tells him to put them in his 125. He has/has

2x Convict Pair
2x Festae Pair
2x Mota
1x Cuban
3x Calobrense
1x Jack
2x Tinfoil Barbs
2x Bristlenose Pleco's

Well the fry get gobbled up in a second, and then they kill the GG before Dave wakes up, he looks the next day and his Mota and Calobrnse, all foggy, and white....Followed by the
Plecos, then the cuban, and so on........

The dilemma is, all he has left (After taking out everything but the gravel) is the Tinfoil Barbs and ironicly, the Convict Pair.

Is his tank toast? The thrometer was not in this tank, but the 10 that had the others?

I think I know what I would do, but does he have to throw out all of his filter media? (He has a wet-dry (shut up steveo) and i could see the floss and the bio balls being dead. He has 3 Emp 400's, get rid of the bio stars there and new carts, heater should be ok, driftwood is gone (Porous).

Ideas? Thoughts? he may want to strip down, replace the filter media, and gravel,but is the silicone effected as well?



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