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Mystery disease on my angel fish

12 years 2 months ago #10232 by henpecked
Two of my angels have developed a round wound on the side of their bodies. You can see the flesh underneath in a perfectly round circle. I have had no luck diagnosing this. I thought of HIH disease, but this is on the body and my water and diet for them is top notch.
They still eat & swim normally, not hiding either. One died suddenly,& the other is in hospital tank. I don't know what the treatment should be for this.
If any of you have experienced this, I would greatly appreciate some advice.

thanks  :)

FYI: this is a 75g S.A. tank with 6  angels, 6 german rams, 6 bolivian rams, and 6 apistos.

75 g Discus
75g Malaiwi
29g Apistos
20H Angel Breeder

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