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Need advice on leaking 300g acrylic..........

9 years 8 months ago #26877 by Jim in Michiana
Picked up a 300g acrylic a few weeks ago......... Rented a truck, dragged it home, built a stand, installed new bulkheads, installed all new plumbing and wet/dry, washed 250lbs. of sand, put in 750 lbs. of rock, and now........  THE D*MN THING STARTS TO LEAK !!!

Not a major leak, but any leak is no good.......

It appears that the seams in opposite corners of the tank both have tiny leaks......  the drip rate is probably 2 drips per minute each......  The seams in these 2 corners appear a little cloudy compared to the other 2 corners that are watertight.

Upon finding the drips, I immediately drained the tank.  I was afraid of having a panel blow out completely.  Mission accomplished.  The tank now sits only with some wet sand and rocks.

I know I need to repair this, but my question is "How"?

I'm thinking that installing a 1" square acrylic piece on the inside corner with Weldon will be a durable repair.  The tank stock is 3/4".  I've also located some 3/4" acrylic triangular stock.  Does anyone see any advantage/disadvantage to using triangular stock ?

I'd like to hear from people who have experience working with acrylic as to what would be the best repair.  I'd also like to know if this would be a DIY type project, or should I seek professional assistance ?

Thanks, Jim

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