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Melanotaenia sp. “Wallace Road” that were tank bred/raised by me and are at the age of 5-6 months. I received my breeders from Johannes Graf in Germany. For a detailed description and more photos of the fish and the trip, see Johannes Graf’s report in Amazonas March/April 2017 page 64 to 70. This new and undescribed species is also called “Platy Rainbowfish” since it looks a bit similar to Platy livebearers. The middle rays of the dorsal fin are longer than the first and last rays, which is uncommon for rainbow fish. During display males turn dark copper-red and the edges of the dorsal fin become black. My adult breeders are mid-sized rainbow fish, slightly larger than M. maccullochi. The photos show an adult male, and juvenile males that are about the size of the fish for sale. Very limited numbers available at this point.

1 pair for $25, 2 pairs for $50, 6 fish for $60.Preordered. Pick up at the table of MadTown Aquaculture LLC. I will be there in person. I MAY bring extra fish, but no guarantee.
Please email me at marcelwuthrich@gmail.com or text me for preordering fish.


Price: 2 pairs $50


Marcel Wuethrich
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Melanotaenia sp. Wallace RoadMelanotaenia sp. Wallace RoadMelanotaenia sp. Wallace Road