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Melanotaenia sahulensis (formerly maccullochi) Skull Creek that were tank bred/raised by me and are at the age of 6-8 months. I received my breeders from Wetspot Tropical Fish fall 2018, Skull Creek is a tributary of Burster Creek near the top of Cape York in Queensland. The margins of the dorsal and anal fins of Skull Creek fish vary between white and red. My fish are the red form that have been described near Cairns https://www.aquagreen.com.au/plant_data/Melanotaenia_maccullochi_Skull_Ck.html.

1 pair $25; 2 pairs $50; 6 fish $60, preordered. Pick up at the table of MadTown Aquaculture LLC. I will be there in person. I MAY bring extra fish, but no guarantee. Please email me at marcelwuthrich@gmail.com or text me for preordering fish.


Price: 2 pairs $50


Marcel Wuethrich
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Melanotaenia sahulensis Skull CreekMelanotaenia sahulensis Skull CreekMelanotaenia sahulensis Skull Creek