Juvenile Melanotaenia spec. “Running River” that were tank bred/raised by me and are at the age of 4-6 months. I received my breeders from Johannes Graf in Germany. This slender, mid-sized rainbowfish is from Queensland’s upper tributary of the Burdekin River know as Running River in Australia. This species has been endangered by hybridization with the Eastern Rainbowfish. Peter Unmack and the Australian National University with support from ANGFA members started a crowd funding project to identify genetically pure Running River rainbowfish, breed into numbers and translocate them to a section of the river that has no Rainbowfish. Today, the Running River Rainbowfish population numbers are in the tens of thousands. Its numbers in the creeks are probably similar to the original population in Running River.

1 pair $25; 2 pairs $50; 6 fish $60. Preordered. Pick up at the table of MadTown Aquaculture LLC. I will be there in person. I MAY bring extra fish, but no guarantee. Please email me at or text me for preordering fish.


Price: 2 pairs $50


Marcel Wuethrich
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Melanotaenia sp. Running River