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6 juvenile spotted hillstream loaches (SEW01) that were tank bred/raised by me and are at the age of 2-3 months. I received my wild caught breeders from Wetspot Tropical Fish (shown in the photo), thus the fish I am selling are F1. The fish are about 1” or slightly less and are not sexable at this age and size. To increase your chances of getting a breeding group,I recommend getting at least 6 fish. Additional fish available.

6 fish $60. Preordered. Pick up at the table of MadTown Aquaculture LLC. I will be there in person. I MAY bring extra fish, but no guarantee. Please email me at marcelwuthrich@gmail.com or text me for preordering fish.


Price: 6 fish $60


Marcel Wuethrich
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Spotted hillstream loaches (SEW01)Spotted hillstream loaches (SEW01)Spotted hillstream loaches (SEW01)