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West African and Crater Lake Cichlids

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Pelvicachromis pulcher "Yellow" ( / West Africa)

Pelvicachromis pulcher "Yellow"
For sale are pairs of this beautiful color form.. Pick up or can bring to the swap. Pair for $10
new hot
from Iku1
208 Hit(s)

Buffalo Head ( / West Africa)

have some adult Buffalo Heads 3.5 inch unsexed, $20 each can be preordered for the swap
from Ateamfish
11 Hit(s)

Hemichromis frempongi ( / West Africa)

Hemichromis frempongi
3-5" m and f available
from Cooper
50 Hit(s)

Pelvicachromis kribensis "Lokunje" fry - F1 ( / West Africa)

Pelvicachromis kribensis "Lokunje" fry - F1
Pelvicachromis kribensis "Lokunje" F1 fry. Close to 1" long, from the wild caught parents on the pic[...]
from madeto
56 Hit(s)

Hemichromis lifalili ( / West Africa)

Hemichromis lifalili
Lifalili fry Hatched 12/26/2019 about 1/2 inch as of 2/11/2020 Parents on site for you to inspect
from Rockford Fishkeeping
50 Hit(s)

Lamprologus congoensis 1.25" to 2" ( / West Africa)

Lamprologus congoensis 1.25" to 2"
Have quite a few Lamprologus congoensis juveniles that have been growing out and available in Glenvi[...]
from IndecisiveCichlidKeeper
45 Hit(s)

Coptodon p.'mamfe' ( / West Africa)

Coptodon p.'mamfe'
For sale is trio (proven pair + female) of Coptodon sp.'mamfe'
from Iku1
54 Hit(s)

Pelvicachromis PAIRS ( / West Africa)

I have some Pelvicachromis that need to move out: Pelvicachromis taeniatus "nigerian red" PAIR..m[...]
from duckman77
87 Hit(s)

Coptodon Nigrans available - Pre Sale ONLY! ( / West Africa)

I have a breeding group of 6 fish that just reach around 5" (male) and females around 3.5" available[...]
from MadTown Aquaculture
67 Hit(s)

Coptodon Kottae fry available ( / West Africa)

I have a lot of Coptodon Kottae fry available for purchase in lots of 6 or more. Fry is around 3/4 [...]
from MadTown Aquaculture
41 Hit(s)
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