Our beefheart formula is the culmination of over three years of research and experimentation. This special blend of foods contains lean Beefheart, Shrimp, Seaweed, Menhaden Oil, Spirulina, Garlic, and a variety of vitamins and supplements (NO hormones added) that are high in protein and will maintain your fish in excellent health, and bring your adult fish into breeding condition quickly. We feed this to all of our discus, angelfish, and rams. Not only is our beefheart great for your adult fish, but our discus fry as young as three weeks old will attack this food! The difference is that our beefheart is much more finely ground than commercially available beefheart. But don't take our word for it. You can view the videos of our discus fry on our web site.

We make fresh batches every few weeks. Each package is carefully blended and frozen in vacuum-sealed freezer bags to guarantee freshness and ensure a long freezer life. We are asking $10 per pound and can be reached via e-mail or via text/call at show contact info .

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Price: $10 per Pound
Palatine, IL


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Frozen Beefheart Mix