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I haven't seen any of these anywhere except for South East Cichlids. This is the first time I have made them available. You can one of the first to have them. The male in the picture is my breeding male of my wild caught group purchased at South East Cichlids. These F-1 fry are a very rare Malawi cichlid are very colorful as males and they are comparable with most African cichlids. They will grow to 8" - 9" and will be a stunning addition to your show tank or you can breed them in your fish room. They were previously classified as Sciaenochromis gracillis. I have a table at the swap to pick up at. I will need a cell # with your pre-order. You can contact me @ 815-600-3897 or africanman@sbcglobal.net


Price: 10.00 an inch


Dave Boyce
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* Very Rare* Mylochomis gracillis fry 1" - 3"* Very Rare* Mylochomis gracillis fry 1" - 3"