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Updated Swap table layout for Hoffman Estates Marriott (Note this is a draft version) 

First NameLast NameOrganizationSwap Items
RickBorsteinChicago Livebearer SocityPlants, driftwood, food and more. Mike Hellweg has the table right next to us with barbs, tetras, catifsh, plants and a bunch of other stuff
ChrisHazardI can deliver to the swap on February 23rd. chazard@charter.net text 608-444-9183 Peacock males; eureka red, ngara, beanschi, lemon jake. Juvenile peacocks; beanschi, eureka red, flavescent, turkis, ngara, lemon jake. Placidochromis Jalo Reef, Sciaenochromis iceberg ahli, Copidochromis mloto ivory, Copidochromis borleyi nkhata; bristlenose: brown, albino and calico; Synodontis petricola; Tristan’s Tropical Fish List- can deliver to the swap on January 12th; https://tristanstropicalfish.com/; Email: tristanstropicalfish@gmail.com; Cell: (608)-445-6660 Apisto borelli “Opal”; Apisto bitaeniata “Tefe”; Apisto panduro; Apisto “Netz”; Pelvicachromis kribensis “Moliwe”; Pterophyllum scalare “Koi” Dime Size, Pterophyllum scalare “Black”; Pterophyllum scalare “Peru Altum”; Red Albino Guppy Pairs; Blue Moscow Guppy Pairs; Mikrogeophagus ramirezi “Dutch”, “German Blue”, “Black”, “Gold”, “Black Gene”; Dario dario
KerreyDuarteRustic Home AxolotlsAxolotls
DanBarmoreSynodontis petricola, Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Bristlenose Plecostomus Email: dbarmore@sbcglobal.net
arinwhitehttp://laketanganyikacichlids.com/tropheus julidochromis
JohnCoreyJC's Fish & ShrimpFire red, blue dream, black rose neo shrimp, super red, albino, lemon drop plecos, guppies, plus more.
Jo AnnFujiiChicago Aquatic Plant SocietyThe Chicago Aquatic Plant Society will be at the GCCA Swap Meet selling hobbyist-grown plants and mosses from easy-to-grow to specialty aquatic plants for aquascaping. Since we grow our own plants, we know they are in top condition. In addition, we will have wood and stone of various sizes for sale for aquascaping your tanks. Come see what we have for sale! Our members will be at the swap table and can answer any questions about growing aquatic plants and help select the right plants and hardscape for your tank.
AlexNixonHikari Frozen Food, Repashy, Bulk algae wafers, New Life Spectrum pellet, Sponge Filters, Heaters, Medication, Mopani, Malayasian, Spider wood, Fish Room Supplies
MarcusWeesnerMadTown Aquaculture LLCFish
ReneValtierraChicago Aquarium Club(CAC)Fish
Mat& Jenn RehbergM&J Aquatics African cichlids, plecos and premium flake mix.
MugwumpJon MillerFish
KaseyClarkImported Show Bettas
TerryTankersley8479126404Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Mpimbwe ''Silver Streak'' Males Julidochromis transcriptus Julidochromis regeni "affinis Black" Lamprologus lelupi Koi guppy Adult Zebra Angelfish Check the clasifieds seller name "TANK" for more items.
RANDYBLASZCZYKAssorted fish, frozen fish food and Axolotls.
MatthewHoffmannFish & Plants
JimNowobielskiRainbows, rainbows, Rainbowsh Pre sale welcome Jnoble2000@yahoo.com ad posted in Non cichlida and scavenger on Feb 16
SairAliFish Angel Fish and Discus
MartinOrdunaFish rainbow.plecos,plants, shrimp
ToddRaysbyShells, Tanganyikan cichlids, Malawi cichlids, livebearers, live plants, rocks, etc.
MikeSwetsShrimp, Snails, Teddy Bear Cholla Wood
SteveBottsWatch classifieds for what I am bringing
BrianSeamonMid Michigan CichlidsFish, hard goods
bobnesnidal1954foods, filters, LED lights,,,,
DeniseEricksonAssortment of New and Old World Cichlids.
JohnCzajaFish, Severums, filters, lights, food
Mike MurrFish
Dave Sielafflarge haps and peacocks along with dry goods
JustinDatavsDatzcichlids & ReptilesAfrican cichlids, premium flake and pelleted foods for your fish! Possibly turtles as well. Please contact me for preorders. 7083513979 or email me at datzcichlids.jd@gmail.com
JimLehnerFish Koi Angel breeding pairs, Syno petricolas (cats) E.B. Dempsey frys fish room supplies
BobCrouseGuppy Associates International ChicagoGuppies bred from show quality stock, corys, plecos, live plants, food, equipment. GuppyChicago.org IFGA.org
JakeBidingerCaptive bred aquatic newts Axolotls Livebearers Live aquarium plants
VarunKamatChicago Ornamental Shrimp SocietyShrimp and Shrimp related drygoods
LeonidFlimanFish, snails, plants
DavidTownsendPlecos and African Cichilids
FreshwaterExoticsWild caught plecos will be for sale on the table. Prepaid preorders are encouraged for other fish such as angelfish, discus, larger sized plecos, corydoras, tetras, etc. Email: info@freshwaterexotics.com Website: www.freshwaterexotics.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildCaughtFish
TomGorskiOrnamental Aquatic Woods Exotic Woods: Specializing in Azalea Wood A.K.A. Spider Wood also will have African root, congo, Malaysian woods along with sponge filters.
MarkHuffmanMark of Excellence AquaticsI am your Plant Vendor, I have many types of Swords, Crypts and Anubias, along with a lot of rarer plants too, So if you’re looking for something harder to find email me at bxdragon1@hotmail.com or hit me on Facebook at Mark of Excellence Aquatics. Pre-orders welcome!!!! I want to Thank all my loyal customers, you all make this hobby what it is and because of this I try to give you better plants and at a better price than anyone.
josephinechristopherchicago discusDiscus Fish
ThomasBergerToms Fish FarmAfrican cichlids and lots of shrimp Neos and Caridina
ThomasKroutAlbino hi fin catfish, misc
STEPHANHOPMANFish - Many types of Corys, Livebearers and other fish. Anubias, Amazon Swords, Java fern and other plants.
JasonAdamsPrime Time AquaticsTanganyikans, mbuna, peacocks, cherry shrimp, blue dream shrimp, mystery snails and more!
JonPitsenbargerNationwide Enterprise of ILFish
AlanVidmarAngles and Cichlids and Plecos
LarryGreningDiscus Angels and Misc.
LuisCottoYouTube's Tank Mods I will be promoting my YouTube channel with some giveaways and possibly have some Nano glass cube tanks for sale. I will have Shrimp and Betta's as well.
dustinshearerMidwest Exotic FishFish



Dear Cichlid friends, thank you for your enthusiastic response on my recently posted photos of the SHALLOW WATER OF KIPILLI. For this, I edit a small movie, from that location with the same title. This recording achieved about to a depth of up to two meters. I hope you find in these images even more inspiration to decorate your aquarium as well as possible for our beloved cichlids, so that they have an optimally simulated natural habitat. I do not know if some of you have such a large aquarium to mimic in a sunken boat , but there are some shots taken at the end of the movie to give you an idea how much life around it is located. I hope you enjoy watch in HD.

Posted by Hans van Heusden on Saturday, February 7, 2015

New GCCA Chatter for January, 2014.


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