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mike marioMike Helford and Mario Toromanovic speak on "Malawi Haplochromines - Another Perspective"

Mike Helford has served on the board of ACA and GCCA. Got his first fish tank in 1968, and after 50 years is interested in all cichlids, but especially less common species from Lake Malawi. Mike has bred over 300 species of cichlids and maintains a newly rebuilt fishroom with almost 50 tanks – The fishroom is designed by and built by Mario Toromanovic, who is originally from Croatia. Mario serves on the board of GCCA and has received the top breeder award for many years, and has received the breeder award for most species from ACA for several years running also. Mario has bred over 230 cichlid species, and maintains a very efficient and productive fishroom, with particular interest in Tanganyikan and Apistogramma species.

Guests are always welcome at our meetings, however after your third visit we do ask that you officially join the club.

Guests are always welcome at our meetings.

If you like fish or cichlids, come and hang out with us!

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Dear Cichlid friends, thank you for your enthusiastic response on my recently posted photos of the SHALLOW WATER OF KIPILLI. For this, I edit a small movie, from that location with the same title. This recording achieved about to a depth of up to two meters. I hope you find in these images even more inspiration to decorate your aquarium as well as possible for our beloved cichlids, so that they have an optimally simulated natural habitat. I do not know if some of you have such a large aquarium to mimic in a sunken boat , but there are some shots taken at the end of the movie to give you an idea how much life around it is located. I hope you enjoy watch in HD.

Posted by Hans van Heusden on Saturday, February 7, 2015

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