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Bowl Show Schedule

Month Bowl Show Fish
  1. Pseudotropheus/Cynotilapia/Melanochromis
  2. Cichlasoma under 6" in length
  1. Labeotropheus
  2. Astronotus/Uaru/Crenicichla/Herotilapia/Cichla/Neetroplus
  3. "Breeder's Choice"(5 fry under 6 mos. of age)
  1. Aulonocara/Tramitichromis
  2. Aequidens (except Laetacara curviceps complex)
  1. P. scalare (veil angels)
  2. Hemichromis, Lamprologus (West African),Nanochromis, Pelvicachromis, Steatocranus
  1. Lamprologus (Tanganyikan)
  2. Apistogramma, Papiliochromis, Crenicara, Laetacara curviceps complex
  1. Julidochromis, Telmatochromis, Chalinochromis
  2. Geophagus, Gymnogeophagus, Satanoperca, Biotodoma, Acarichthys, Guianacara
  1. Chromodtilapia, Thysochromis, Teleogramma, Etroplus, etc.
  2. Tilapia, Sarotherodon, Oreochromis
  3. Discus
  1. Haplochromis, etc., Hemitilapia, Lethrinops, Chilotilapia?
  2. Breeders Choice
  • No bowl show, GCCA Picnic
  1. "Cichlasoma" — 6 inches and over
  2. Tanganyikan Mouthbrooders (Cypthotilapia, Tropheus, Calinochromis, Cyprichromis, Cyathopharynx, Opthalmotilapia, Eretmodus, Spathodus, Tanganicodus, Xenotilapia, Triglachromis, Limnochromis, etc.)
  1. Photos/Artwork
  2. Lake Victorian Haplochromis
  3. P. scalare (standard angels)
  • No bowl show— holiday party

Library List by Author

An Alphabetical Listing of GCCA Libary Books

Library items are made available at every monthly meeting.

To see if a specific item is available, please contact the GCCA Librarian at a monthly meeting and reference the item number listed below.

Author Title Number
Allison, James Water in the Garden B-41
Anderson, Douglas Fish Immunology B-17
Andrews, Dr. Chris, Adrian Exell & Dr. Neville Carrington The Manual of Fish Health B-30
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert & Bernd Degan The Allure of Discus B-98
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert The Atlas of Discus of the World B-38
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert, Benoist & Kelsey-Wood Atlas of Garden Ponds B-52
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert & Lourdes Burgess Breeding Aquarium Fish B-81
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes, 1989 edition B-35
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes, 1985 edition B-37
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert Encyclopedia of Tropical Fishes B-24
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert Exotic Tropical Fishes, Looseleaf B-47
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert Exotic Tropical Fishes B-69
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert Fishes for Your Community Tank B-1
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert Jumbo Fishes B-51
Axelrod, Dr. Herbert The Most Complete, Colored Lexicon of Cichlids B-61
Baensch, Hans Aquarium Fishes Atlas B-23
Balon, Eugene Fishes of Lake Kariba, Africa B-31
Boyd, Kevin W. The Complete Aquarium Problem Solver B-65
Brichard, Pierre Cichlids and All Other Fishes of Lake Tanganyika B-42
Burgess, Warren E. Atlas of Freshwater and Marine Catfish B-46
Burgess, Dr. Warren Freshwater & Marine Catfish B-93
Conkel, Donald Cichlids of North & Central America B-60
Conkel, Donald Cichlids of North & Central America B-78
Conkel, Donald Cichlids of North & Central America B-109
Degen, Bernd Degen Discus B-74
Degen, Bernd The Discus King of Aquarium B-70
Degen, Bernd Discus King of the Aquarium B-32
Degen, Bernd Discus Reference Book B-48
Department of Conservation Aquatic Weeds B-7
Dulin, Dr. Mark Fish Diseases B-20
Emmens, Dr. C.W. How to Keep and Breed Tropical Fish B-9
Fkayer, Geoffrey & T.D. Iles Cichlid Fishes of the Great Lakes of Africa B-29
Geisler, Dr. Rolf Aquarium Fish Diseases B-4
Glaser, Ulrich & Wolfgang Glaser Aqualog: South American Cichlids I B-101
Glaser, Ulrich & Wolfgang Glaser Aqualog: South American Cichlids II B-102
Goldstein, Dr. Robert Cichlids of the World B-53
Goldstein, Dr. Robert Diseases of Aquarium Fishes B-3
Goldstein, Dr. Robert Diseases of Aquarium Fishes B-106
Goldstein, Dr. Robert J. Introduction to the Cichlids B-5
Gratzek, Dr. John Aquariology: Master Volume B-64
Iwasaki, Noboru Guppies B-86
Jocher, Willy Live Foods for the Aquarium B-15
Jocher, Willy Spawning Problem Fishes B-8
Keller, Gunter Discus B-104
Klee, Albert Enjoy Your Catfish B-12
Konings, Ad Cichlids From Central America B-34
Konings, Ad Cichlids and All the Other Fish of Lake Malawi B-43
Konings, Ad The Cichlid Yearbook, Volume 1 B-39
Konings, Ad The Cichlid Yearbook, Volume 2 B-54
Konings, Ad The Cichlid Yearbook, Volume 3 B-62
Konings, Ad The Cichlid Yearbook, Volume 4 B-91
Konings, Ad The Cichlid Yearbook, Volume 5 B-92
Konings, Ad Enjoying Cichlids B-99
Konings, Ad Tanganyika Secrets B-59
Linke, Horst & Wolfgang Staeck African Cichlids I: Cichlids of West Africa B-96
Linke, Horst & Wolfgang Staeck American Cichlids I: Dwarf Cichlids B-85
Linke, Horst & Wolfgang Staeck American Cichlids I; Dwarf Cichlids B-97
Linke, Horst & Wolfgang Staeck Cichlids From West Africa B-80
Loiselle, Paul The Cichlid Aquarium B-22
Loiselle, Dr. Paul The Cichlid Aquarium B-83
Melke, Sabine Success With Cichlids From Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika B-82
Mills, Dick & Dr. Gwynne Vevers Tropical Aquarium Fishes B-36
Rakowicz, Maurice Aquarium Digest: Part 1 of 2 B-72
Rakowicz, Maurice Aquarium Digest: Part 2 of 2 B-73
Rataj, Dr. Karel & Thomas J. Horman Aquarium Plants B-19
Ribbink, A.J., B.A. Marsh, A.C. Marsh, A.C. Ribbink & B.J. Sharp Zoology B-95
Richter, Hans-Joachim Complete Book of Dwarf Cichlids B-33
Richter, Hans-Joachim Complete Book of Dwarf Cichlids B-68
Sanford, Gina & Richard Crow The Manual of Tank Busters B-55
Snieszko, Dr. Stanislas & Dr. Herbert Axelrod Diseases of Fishes B-11
Spreinat, Andreas Lake Malawi Cishlids from Tanzania B-100
Schulze, Eberhard Discus Fish B-56
Schraml, Erwin Aqualog: African Cichlids I B-110
Schneider, Earl Enjoy Your Tropical Fish Picture Book B-14
Schneider, Earl Enjoy Your Discus B-105
Tepoot, Pablo Cichlids: The Pictoral Guide, Volume 1 B-107
Tepoot, Pablo Cichlids: The Pictoral Guide, Volume 2 B-108
Turner, Bruce J. & John W. Pafenyk Enjoy Your Killifish B-13
Walker, Braz Angelfish B-40
Wolfsheimer, Gene Enjoy Your Angelfish B-2
Yoshino, Satoshi & Doshin Kobayashi The Natural Aquarium B-89
Zupanc, Gunther Fish and Their Behavior B-21

Monthly Bowl Show

See Great Fish at our monthly meetings!

  • A chance to show off your favorite Cichlids
  • Different fish every month. See our schedule.
  • Monthly ribbons; plaques annually
  • Fish are judged by GCCA judges
  • All members/guests in attendance vote for their favorite Cichlid entry for People's Choice.

Bowl Show Rules

  1. Entrants must be members in good standing of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA) in order to participate.
  2. The entrant must also supply the correct name of the fish to be shown. There is no limit to the number of entries per member; however, discretion is requested.
  3. Species to be shown will be designated each month by the bowl show chairperson.
  4. Any type of flatsided container is acceptable for showing fish. Containers will be limited to 5 gallon capacity, unless a very large fish is shown. No gravel, plants, shells, ornaments, or tinted water is allowed. A single color background is acceptable.
  5. Fish may be shown singly or in pairs, except for breeder's choice. A pair of fish constitutes one entry. Breeder's choice entries consist of 5 fry (between 2 and 6 months of age); all will be judged.
  6. All containers will be numbered and/or labeled by the bowl show chairperson. No other names or identifying marks will be allowed.
  7. Each entrant is responsible for supplying air (pumps, tubing, and extension cords) to his/her own containers if needed.
  8. A minimum of two judges will be selected by the bowl show chairperson from non-exhibiting members or guests in attendance. In the event of a tie, a third judge will be selected to judge the entries in question. Decisions of the judges will be final.
  9. Bowl show points are as follows:
    Place Points
    1st place 8 bowl show points
    2nd place 4 bowl show points
    3rd place 2 bowl show points
    4th place 1 bowl show point

    In the event there is only one entry in a category, it will be judged and placed according to the total number of points awarded by the judges. (With two judges, 41 to 50 judging points = 1st place, 31 to 40 judging points = 2nd place, 21 to 30 judging points = 3rd place, 11 to 20 judging points = 4th place). For any entry not in the top four places, the entrant will receive one bowl show point per entry, not to exceed two points per category, per month.
  10. Members who accumulate 21 points in a year will be awarded a plaque.
  11. People's Choice is a separate award allowing all members and guests in attendance to participate in selecting their favorite entry without the dictates of a formal judging. Voting is accomplished by secret ballot. In the event there is only one entry, no People's Choice ribbon will be awarded. People's Choice points are accumulated on a yearly basis, and the member with the most points will receive a "People's Choice of the Year" plaque at the holiday party.
  12. Raffle tickets will be issued for each entry.

Kid's Breeders Award Program (KBAP)

Breed fish and earn points towards awards

The Kid's Breeder's Award Program (KBAP) was established to encourage children in the tropical fish hobby. Members kids under the age of 13 may participate.

Unlike GCCA's regular BAP program, any species of fish may be turned in.

The KBAP objectives are:

  1. To learn to breed tropical fish;
  2. To accumulate points at each level, as outlined below, and receive a plaque commemorating the achievement;
  3. To successfully transition to the regular GCCA BAP Program.

Jump to:

BAP Point Levels

Award Level Description Points Total Points


Five spawnings, raised per rules below.


5 Points


Five additional spawnings, raised per rules below.

Additional 5 Points

10 Points


Ten additional spawnings, raised per rules below.

Additional 10 Points

20 Points

35 Points

Breeders Award Program Rules

  1. Participation in the KBAP is for children of family members under the age of 13 at the time the spawn was submitted.
  2. Spawn and raise at least 5 fry from any fish species to 60 days of age from the date of their becoming free swimming.
  3. Fry must be from child's personal fish, not fish on loan from and still owned by another person.
  4. Fish may be maintained in the aquarium of an adult member family member of GCCA as long as the child is primarily involved in the care of the fish.
  5. Credit will be given for spawning any species of fish only once and will not be given for spawning different color varieties of a species.
  6. Spawning details must be recorded on a standard GCCA BAP "Breeder's Report" and must be turned in to the BAP Chairman before credit can be given. The child must complete the report. Adult help allowed.
  7. Five fry, properly bagged, must be donated to the GCCA mini-auction for each spawn. A member may choose up to two spawns during each calendar year when a donation will not be required.
  8. Only children of members in good standing, as defined by the Constitution, may enter and remain in the KBAP.
  9. Cichlids spawned as part of the KBAP program also count towards GCCA's regular BAP program.

Downloadable BAP Forms

BAP Form
icon BAP Form (32.54 kB)


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