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Executive Board

GCCA's Executive Board members are the club's elected officials. GCCA Board Members serve a one year term. Elections are in June each year and officers are seated in July.

Executive Board - Elected each year.

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President Jason Libasci Forum Name - Scubadiver
Vice President Don Weger Forum Name - 1fishgeek
Secretary Pablo Salinas Forum Name - Pase2213
Treasurer Mario Toromanovic Forum Name - Madeto
Sargent at Arms Matt Skwarczek Forum Name - Matt
Corresponding Secretary Jim Lehner Forum Name - jlehner

Board of Directors

Appointed by the Executive Board

WebMasters Rick Borstein and Jason Libasci Forum Name - ChicagoLiveBearer & Scubadiver
Membership Chair Josh Geier Forum Name - IndecisiveCichlidKeeper
Bowl Show Chair Open Forum Name -
Swap Chair Matt Skwarczek Forum Name - Matt
Auction Chair Don Weger Forum Name - 1fishgeek
Program Chair Rick Borstein Forum Name - ChicagoLiveBearer
BAP Chair Mike Helford Forum Name - MikeHelford




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