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New to cichlids_ please help me stock 75g tank

6 months 14 hours ago #37263 by MayaL
MayaL created the topic: New to cichlids_ please help me stock 75g tank
I want to create SA tank. The tank is 75g with sand, wood, and a canister filter. I would like to have Bolivian Rams and cories. But I have no idea how many I should get. Any suggestions?Also, I am thinking of a single severum cichlid to be the main guy in the tank. What do you think? Lastly, I read a lot about cichlids lately, and it seems that I should add peat moss or oak leaves to the tank. Is that right? Should I put the peat moss in the filter? Could you guys provide me with some links to good reading/video sources for beginners like me?
Thanks in advance.

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