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2 Kenyi females not eating

6 months 4 weeks ago - 6 months 4 weeks ago #37262 by virginia12
virginia12 created the topic: 2 Kenyi females not eating
I from Buy Best Custom Essays .I have doubt here, In my 20 lady develop out/healing facility tank I have 2 female Kenyi that are not eating, I have made separate territories for them to call home so they can be regional, I've checked all my water science and its immaculate. 0 Ammunition, 0 nitrite, nitrate <40. Also, are keeping up my week after week water changes.

I don't have a light on this tank as it gets incredible normal light from the adjacent window.

I place nourishment in and they see me do it, and remain covered up. So I leave and attempt to watch them without them seeing me to check whether they eat, they turn out yet I don't see them eating.

The following day I see old sustenance that I need to expel!
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