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O2 Tank Refills

5 months 3 weeks ago #37520 by forumadmin
forumadmin replied the topic: O2 Tank Refills
I go to Praxair in Elk Grove Village, but you can go to any welding supply place. You didn't say if your bottle was a welding or medical bottle (they are different).

By the way, they don't refill your tank at the welding supply, they actually swap it for a filled one. Cost depends on the size of tank you have. I have a shorty and it is usually about $25. Hopefully, you have a regulator. You might want to take the whole kit with you and let the folks at the welding supply house check it out. You do not want oxygen leaking into an enclosed space since it is highly explosive.

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6 months 11 hours ago #37519 by Midknight
Midknight created the topic: O2 Tank Refills
-- Hello all,
Does anyone know where I can get an O2 tank filled? I picked up a used oxygen tank at a garage sale for $5. I thought I could put pure oxygen into my bags for swaps and auctions and shipping. The only problem is, I can't seem to figure out where I can get it filled. Any help is appreciated.

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