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Meeting July 2017: Sal Silvestri - Apistogramma and Dwarf Cichlids

Sal Silvestri presents "Breeding and Maintaining Apistogramma and other South American Dwarf Cichlids"

sal silvestri 200Sal Silvestri has been an active hobbyist for over 40 years. It all started with one goldfish won at a carnival. This one bowl eventually grew to a 55-gallon tank which housed two 14" Oscars. Even though he has kept and bred a variety of fish, Cichlids are still his favorite. Sal's tanks grew along with his breeding skills, and 40 years later he currently has sixteen running tanks, which range from 10 to 75-gallons. Two of the tanks are devoted to communities of Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids, and four house several varieties of Apistogramma species, another of Sal's favorites. The remaining tanks contain a variety of cichlids from West African to tetras, loaches, catfish and a new found love, bettas. Sal joined and became very active in the Norwalk Aquarium Society in 1975, where he has held every position in the club and presently serves as vice-president and program chairperson. He traveled the show circuit extensively, his fish winning many awards. He then went on to become a certified NEC judge, for which he is high in demand during the show season. Sal's notoriety has spread far and wide, as he has generously shared his knowledge and wisdom during many speaking engagements throughout the Northeast and Europe. He has also written many articles and honored with reprints in ACA's Buntbarche Bulletin and society magazines across the country and abroad.

Guests are always welcome at our meetings, however after your third visit we do ask that you officially join the club.

Meeting Agenda

  • Presidents commentary and business affairs - (~10 minutes)
  • Discussion & overview of upcoming events ( ~5 minutes )
  • Introduction of any new members (~2 minutes )
  • Short Break (10 minutes)
  • Speaker (~ 1 to 1.5 hours)
  • BAP Auction (~15 minutes)
  • Members Auction (Did you know you can auction your fish off any meeting for a fee of $2 per bag to the club, max three bags)
  • Dry goods raffle (2 minutes)
  • After meeting networking and questions (unlimited)
  • Food / Dinner after meeting at Portillo's (30 minutes)

Meetings generally are at 6PM on the second Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noticed, so please check our Events Calendar.

Each meeting is attended by 25-50 people typically. The meeting starts with a welcome from our President and some business affairs may be discussed. We usually ask if there are guests present, raise your hand and tell us what kind of fish you keep!

Following business, there is a short break when you can meet other attendees, take a look at the fish that are available for sales, buy raffle tickets for aquarium goods and see the fish in our Bowl Show.

After the break, a speaker or other program is presented. We bring in speakers from all over the US and other countries. These speakers are usually an expert in cichlids or an aquarium-related topic. The talk usually lasts about an hour.

Following the talk, we announce the raffle winner and begin the auction of fish.

If you like fish or cichlids, you should come to the next meeting.

Doubletree Hotel Downers Grove
2111 Butterfield Rd.
Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515
1-630-971-2000   |  Map and Directions

Event Properties

Event Date 07-09-2017 6:00 pm
Event End Date 07-09-2017 9:00 pm
DoubleTree Hotel Downers Grove
2111 Butterfield Road
DoubleTree Hotel Downers Grove
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