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Cichlids from Lake Victoria and Satellite Lakes

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Haplochromis lividus ( / Victorian)

Haplochromis lividus
We have one group of 1.5-2 in juvenile Haplochromis lividus 'Murchison Bay'- 6 fish for $35. Contact[...]

Haplochromis sp. 44 ( / Victorian)

We have a group of 4 adult fish that we are selling. The females have held eggs but they have eaten [...]

Pundamilia Nyererei ‘Python Island’ ( / Victorian)

Pundamilia Nyererei ‘Python Island’
All of my African Cichlids are from great blood lines with awesome, vibrant colors! Most fish have t[...]

Neochromis Omnicarules ( / Victorian)

Neochromis Omnicarules
I've got some 1-1 1/2" sexable juveniles. Selling groups of 2 males and 3 females for $20. Very neat[...]

Albino Kyoga Flamebacks ( / Victorian)

Albino Kyoga Flamebacks
We have 2 extra albino males as well as some juveniles for sale at the swap. We have a few regular o[...]

Pundamilia Nyererei "Python Island" ( / Victorian)

Pundamilia Nyererei "Python Island"
I have some 1"-1.5" python islands available 5/$25 These guys color up around 1.5"-2" very fun to w[...]

Flameback ( / Victorian)

Flameback 2in. trios $20.00 Delivery to swap. To preorder call 563-940-3282 or email plecostopeacoc[...]

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