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Mixed breed fish such as Flowerhorns, Parrots, OB Peacocks, etc. Presence of this section does not indicate an endorsement of the keeping or breeding of hybrid fish.

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Dragon Bloods ( / Hybrid Fish)

Dragon Bloods
I have 10 at 1.5” $3 a fish or $25 for all 10 I have 10 at .75” $1.50 or $10 for all 10 Pictur[...]

OB Ahli ( / Hybrid Fish)

OB Ahli
One inch fry ready for new home. Thanks.

Dolphin / Bicolor 500 Mixes ( / Hybrid Fish)

I made a mistake in having 2 bicolor 500 males in with several young female dolphins and the unthin[...]

OB peacocks for sale ( / Hybrid Fish)

OB peacocks for sale
Hi I have some OB peacocks for sale. Half-inch $3 1 inch for $5 Please call if interested!

Dragon Bloods for sale ( / Hybrid Fish)

Dragon Bloods for sale
Hi I have some Dragon Bloods for sale! I have different sizes ranging from half inch to 5 inches. Pr[...]

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