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Cichlids from Lake Malawi, Africa

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Stevescichlids ( / Malawian)

Females Lwandas

Stevescichlids ( / Malawian)

Females lemon Jakes

Steve's cichlids ( / Malawian)

Steve's cichlids
Taiwan reefs 5"
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Steve's cichlids ( / Malawian)

Steve's cichlids
Lwandas 5"
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Steve's cichlids ( / Malawian)

Steve's cichlids
Lemon jakes 4.5"
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Metriclima Estherae OB ( / Malawian)

Metriclima Estherae OB
Adult breeding group of 7 with dominant male. Bright orange blotched. 7 in the group for $20 See we[...]

Dolphin Fry!! ( / Malawian)

Dolphin Fry!!
Hi all, I have some of these at 1" big for only $5 each. High quality just look at the pics of the d[...]
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venustus fry! ( / Malawian)

venustus fry!
Hi, I have many of these at 1.5" for $5 each. Check out my other ads here...
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hi, I have 1" yellow tail acei fry available $3 each. Come check out my fish room, I have tons of ot[...]

Sciaenochromis Ahli (Split gene) ( / Malawian)

We have split gene Ahli fry. From OB male with regular Ahli. They have lots of red color. Thanks.

Super Red Empress ( / Malawian)

Super red empress male for sale. Thanks.

Lemon Jake Peacock ( / Malawian)

Lemon Jake Peacock
Few colored Lemon Jake male for sale.Very young showing great color already. Thanks.

Yellow Labs! ( / Malawian)

Yellow Labs!
Hi everyone, I have many yellow labs 2"-5" big for $5-$20. I have tons of other cichlids, just ask!

Colorful lemon jakes ( / Malawian)

Colorful lemon jakes
Lemon jake males available

Aulonocara Stuargranti “Cobue” ( / Malawian)

Aulonocara Stuargranti “Cobue”
Hi, I have 1 male and 2 females around 2.5” Male has great bright colors blue n white dorsal fin, th[...]

Cobalt Zebra ( / Malawian)

Cobalt Zebra
Cobalt Zebra, 4", $10

Placidichromis "White Lipped" Mdoka ( / Malawian)

Placidichromis "White Lipped" Mdoka
1" unsexed fry. Adults both male and female are dark blue to violet with the striking white lips. G[...]

Geertsi Gome ( / Malawian)

Geertsi Gome
Have some Geertsi Gome, from around 2 inches to 4 inches.Can pre order for swap Thanks

Male usisya peacock ( / Malawian)

Male usisya peacock
Pre order only. I have one fully colored male usisya peacock f2. He's right around 4inches. Pics of [...]

Sciaenochromis Fryeri Breeding Group ( / Malawian)

Sciaenochromis Fryeri Breeding Group
I have a very nice 6" fryeri male and 4 -4" females $100

German Red Peacock Large group w/ Stunning Male ( / Malawian)

German Red Peacock Large group w/ Stunning Male
I have a beautiful German Red Peacock group for sale 1M 8 F Male is 5.5-6" and amazing bright oran[...]

Roter Kaizer ( / Malawian)

Roter Kaizer
Roter Kaizer fry ready to go. Thanks.

Phenochilus Tanzania ( / Malawian)

Phenochilus Tanzania
Several medium and large size Phenochilus Tanzania male for sale. Thanks.

Albino socolofi ( / Malawian)

7 Albino pseudotropheus socolofi ranging from 3" to 4"+ in size . asking $45 for all 7 will bring to[...]

Taiwan Reef (Split gene) ( / Malawian)

Taiwan Reef (Split gene)
These are Taiwan Reef (split gene) fry. Showing great color. Thanks.

Sunshine Peacock ( / Malawian)

Sunshine Peacock
Actual photo of fully colored Sunshine Peacock male available. Thanks.

Placidochromis Gissel Colony ( / Malawian)

For sale is a group of adults with 3 large males and 4 females - - also available are approx. 20 1-[...]

Super Red Empress Colony ( / Malawian)

This is a large group of super red empress with 4 outstanding males - 12 plus females and 30 plus 1-[...]

Cyrtocara Moori Blue Dolphins ( / Malawian)

I have a super group of approx. 40 adults for sale. If you are looking for an opportunity to breed [...]

Cheliochromis Euchilus ( / Malawian)

Cheliochromis Euchilus
Beautiful hap but gets large, Not real aggressive. Will tolerate community living but needs a 90gal [...]

Red Empress Juvies ( / Malawian)

Red Empress Juvies
2" plus very close to coloring. $5 each or 6/$25. See website for other availability. Father sho[...]

Fossorochromis rostratus ( / Malawian)

Looking to buy some Fossorochromis rostratus let me know what you have available. Thanks

Split Gene Eureka fry ( / Malawian)

Split Gene Eureka fry
Unsexed 1" with a few small albino $5 each or 6/$25. Please check out other ads and website for mor[...]

Protomelas Taeniolatus ‘Red Empress’ ( / Malawian)

Protomelas Taeniolatus ‘Red Empress’
All of my African Cichlids are from great blood lines with awesome, vibrant colors! Most fish have t[...]

Aulonocara Stuartgranti ‘SUPER Ruby Reds’ ( / Malawian)

Aulonocara Stuartgranti ‘SUPER Ruby Reds’
All of my African Cichlids are from great blood lines with awesome, vibrant colors! Most fish have t[...]

Aulonocara ‘Blue Neons’ ( / Malawian)

Aulonocara ‘Blue Neons’
All of my African Cichlids are from great blood lines with awesome, vibrant colors! Most fish have t[...]

Aulonocara Stuartgranti 'Red Ngara' Peacock (Split Gene) ( / Malawian)

Aulonocara Stuartgranti 'Red Ngara' Peacock (Split Gene)
All of my African Cichlids are from great blood lines with awesome, vibrant colors! Most fish have t[...]

Rusty Reds for sale ( / Malawian)

Rusty Reds for sale
Hi I have some rusty Reds for sale. Half inch for $3 1 inch for $5 Please call if interested!

VC-10 placidochromis milomo ( / Malawian)

VC-10 placidochromis milomo
I have a 4-4 1/2" male just starting to color $30. Also have some 2" juveniles $8 each or 7 for $35.[...]

Nimbiochromis Venustus ( / Malawian)

Nimbiochromis Venustus
I have all sizes venustus from 1"-4" and have extra females 5-6". 1" unsexed 5 for $15, 2" unsexed 5[...]

Nimbiochromis Livingstoni juveniles ( / Malawian)

Nimbiochromis Livingstoni juveniles
I've got a few livingstoni juveniles around 1 1/2" just starting to grow like crazy. $5 each or 5 fo[...]

Fossochromis Rostratus ( / Malawian)

Fossochromis Rostratus
I have 2" juveniles from this beautiful large hap. $10 each or 3 for $25. Thanks Tom

Large Nimbochromis Fusco ( / Malawian)

Large Nimbochromis Fusco
Have this beautiful 6" Fusco Male for sale. Would fit in great to a nice predator hap tank. $50 for [...]

Copidachromis Mbenji Staffersi ( / Malawian)

Copidachromis Mbenji Staffersi
This is a fairly newer species not popular yet but beautiful. I have some extra F1 males 3 1/2-4" $3[...]

Malawi fish list ( / Malawian)

Copadichromis mloto Copadichromis mloto (trewavasae) Ivory Lupingu 1" $6 each, a few males 2.5"[...]

Albino Dimdiochromis Compressicepts ( / Malawian)

Albino Dimdiochromis Compressicepts
I have 1-3" unsexed Albino Comps. 1" are $8 each or 5 for $35, 2" are $12 each or 5 for $50. And 3" [...]


hi all, I have 1000+ fry and juvies,100's of medium sized African cichlids, 100+ large cichlids, all[...]

exotic african cichlids! ( / Malawian)

exotic african cichlids!
Hi all, i have fishrooms filled with beautiful african cichlids all kinds and all sizes to fill up a[...]

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