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Here is the link to the swap vendor layout Sept Swap Vendor Layout

Posted: 7 months 4 days ago by ScubaDiver#34272
scubadiver's Avatar
Post now updated with Vendor Layout
Posted: 7 months 5 days ago by Matt#34262
Matt's Avatar
:cheer: This is going to be the first SWAP that Im going to be really involved with . I know I'm going to need as much help as possible to run this as great as Bob and others has done in the past . Please let me know who can volunteer your time next Sunday . Thank you for eveyone that has already help in the past and I hope you can volunteer again . Thank You Matt
Posted: 7 months 6 days ago by go fish#34247
go fish's Avatar
I will have beautiful adult sized Koi Angels also will have a cross between Philippine Blue and Green Leopard Angels which are also adult size. Stop by my table you will not be disappointed!
Posted: 7 months 6 days ago by sawboy#34246
sawboy's Avatar
Gremlin, second warning. The forum is for discussion. Please place ads in our free classifieds. Thanks.
Posted: 7 months 1 week ago by ScubaDiver#34197
scubadiver's Avatar
We will have to turn on the feature that prevents duplicate registration for the next swap
Posted: 7 months 1 week ago by pontiacfishman2#34194
pontiacfishman2's Avatar
Sorry folks that are seeing I have more than the usaual amount of tables the site granted me more than I needed and it is being corrected so they will be made available soon
Posted: 7 months 1 week ago by aquaticclarity#34192
aquaticclarity's Avatar
The thread was started for a past swap but I think we can all figure out what is current and not. The multiple listings for the same vendor is because there was no way to select more then one table other then registering multiple times which results in one person having several listings. A little cumbersome but not a big deal.
Posted: 7 months 1 week ago by Mugwump#34191
Mugwump's Avatar
Lot of duplicates on there,,,???....and time line is over a year ago??????
Posted: 7 months 1 week ago by Senase#34190
Senase's Avatar
Thank you GCCA for putting together another swap! At the last meeting I Spoke to a few members about volunteering and would greatly appreciate any more info about days and times help would be needed. Thanks in advance!
Posted: 7 months 1 week ago by Kegger22#34189
Kegger22's Avatar
djfish wrote:
i need a table i joined the gcca let me know what to do next.

you will need to go to the main page and find the registration page and then register for a table if there are any left or get put on the waiting list in hopes of a table slot opening up
Posted: 7 months 1 week ago by djfish#34188
djfish's Avatar
i need a table i joined the gcca let me know what to do next.
Posted: 1 year 3 weeks ago by ScubaDiver#33456
scubadiver's Avatar
Here's the swap vendor list

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