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  • GCCA Classic

    GCCA 2012 Classic

    Join us at the GCCA Classic - Memorial Day Weekend 2012 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)



    Thursday May 24th - GCCA volunteers load, unload and set up over a hundred fish tanks (make sure to thank them)

    Friday May 25th Saturday 26th  - Fish show, fish & vendor sales and networking events

    Saturday May 26th - Full day of speakers, fish show and judging, fish & vendor sales

    Saturday May 26th evening - Banquet & presentation

    Sunday May 27th - Huge cichlid only auction (note fish show & vendor sales will be closed on Sunday)  

    A knock-out line-up of country's best cichlid speakers.

    Featured presentations

     - Tropheus - how to keep them, breed them, cure them, what types are there and can they be kept together- 

    - Dwarf Cichlids - An overview of soft water "Dwarf Cichlids", methods for keeping and breeding and loads of photos

    Malawi Peacocks (Aulonocara) - An overview of what a peacock is, how it came by the name, "who" is in the group, what they look like (males and female) and a lot more information both historical, biological and colorful... if it is a "Peacock" from Lake Malawi, it is covered here.

    Importing Cichlids and Catfish from South America – Importing fish can be exciting, fun, scary and risky at times. Here are the ups and downs and everything in between when you try to import fish from South America. 

    Featured Speakers:
    Kevin Plazak - Kevin has been keeping fish since he was 13 but started in earnest at 18. When the tanks slowly started taking over the house he had the good sense to heed his wife's suggestion (read: clear threat) that the tanks need to be out of the house. This lead to a breeding cooperative then a wholesale business. His focus had been on live bearing fish and cichlids prior to the business but fish stores like a wide variety of everything that goes into a fish store so Kevin has been captivated by almost everything that swims under fresh water lately and a few like the Climbing Perch and Mudskippers have been taking up more of his thoughts of late.

    Peter Durkin - When people here Peter Durkin they associate it with Tropheus. He is a successful breeder of Tropheus at a commercial level which fewer than handful of people have accomplished, he successful breeds Tropheus at an amazing quantity. Pete is also a major fish importer from South America and often brings fish to the area that others have never seen before. Peter is frequently at GCCA swaps, well now you can hear him share his experiences, tips and few secrets.

    Two more speakers being confirmed

    Giant Cichlid-only Auction
    Sunday, May 27, 2012 10AM – till the last fish is sold | Register at 8:30AM

    What is the GCCA Classic

    -       Speakers from across the country with a full day of presentations 

    -       A fish show where breeders and hobbyist display their favorite and best fish (and often sell them at the end of the show)

    -       It is raffle where over a $$$$ of goods will be raffled and auctioned away

    -       It is a social event with a dinner party (banquet) and hospitality suite

    -       It is a place to buy fish and supplies from vendors

    -       It is where over hundreds of fish books are for sale

    -       It is where vendors will be displaying their latest products

    -       It is where people put fish for sale up on bulletin board (typically people from other clubs)

    -       It is a huge cichlid auction on Sunday

    -       It is for newbie's and cichlid nuts a like

    -       It attracts people across the Midwest

    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - Alsip
    5000 West 127th Street
    Alsip, IL 60803
    Tel: 1-708-371-7300  | Map


    More details to come on

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