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Jason Libasci wins GCCA Aquarist of the Year

On Sunday, GCCA President Shawn Kopinski awarded GCCA's coveted "Aquarist of the Year" award to Jason Libasci.

Each year, we recognize a club member who has gone above and beyond. Jason Libasci is one of our newer members, but he has contributed in a big way with his work on GCCA's website, recruiting speakers and organizing activities.

Did we mention that Jason missed being "Breeder of the Year" by just one spawn? For his help and dedication to our club and the cichlid hobby . . . congratulations, Jason!

Jason LIbasci wins 2012 GCCA Aquarist of the Year
Shawn Kopinski (Left) and Jason Libasci (Right). Nice plaque, Jack!

Cyprichromis Leptosoma "Blue Flash"

What a great video of the Blue Flash Cyp's - I have a group of these and they really do look this nice.

Altolamprologus by PISCES farm

All here is a cool video by Pisces fish farm on the different Altolamprologus variants


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