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Swap Vendor List March 2018

Updated Swap table layout for Hoffman Estates Marriott (Note this is a draft version) 

First NameLast Name Organization Vendor Items
RickBorsteinChicago Livebearer SocietyLivebearers, plants, driftwood, Tetra Food, and some hardware. All products are a donation to our club. Please join us after the Swap at 2PM for a Collecting Livebearers talk from Mike Schadle.
victorMendezVm fishroomFish
DanBarmoreSynodontis petricola, Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Labeotropheus fuelleborni “Chalo” Email:
MarkFisherFish peacocks haps calvus misc
KaseyClarkPRISM BETTASImported and locally bred high grade show bettas. Pre-sales are available for auctions at
JimLehnerFish and fish room supplies
Mike MurrFish
VarunKamatChicago Ornamental Shrimp SocietyThe Chicago Ornamental Shrimp Society will have a table at the upcoming swap to raise funds for the organization. We will be selling several types of shrimp and inverts including Cherry Shrimp, Blue Dream Neocaridina, Crystal Black Shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp, Pure Red Line CRS, Tibee, Panda Shrimp, Assassin snails, Crayfish, and others. Visit the GCCA classifieds section for pictures and pricing. The shrimp we will be selling are breed and raised by our members. Pre-orders are encouraged as we always run out most types and will only bring a small quantity of extra shrimp, so message me if you are interested. We will also have Alder cones, Indian Almond leaves, Guava leaves, Cholla Wood, Shrimp Nets, Feeding Dishes, Sponge Filters, Moss Ledges, Shrimp Caves, and other items for sale. ChicagoOrnamentalShrimpSociety/
SteveBottsSee classified ad section for what I will be bringing to the swap table.
CharlesFeretChicago Style Goldfishfancy goldfish fancy guppies neocaridina
MarkFisherFish peacocks haps calvus misc
AlexNixonHikari Frozen Fish Food
BrantleyBerryPlecocaves.comPleco caves., cichlid caves, discus cones, xtreme fish food, catfish scrapers, sinking pellets, pleco tubes, calvus caves, pre-order for wholesale pricing
MugwumpJon MillerAngels, BN, Fancy guppies, etc.
AlanSchahczinskiFish German Reds, Ruby Reds, Eureka Reds, Eureka Otter Point Malawi Butterfly, Sunshine Peacock Benga, Sunshine Maleri, Red Shoulder Peacock , Aceii Yellow Tail, Ahli White Blaze, Lemon Jake, Moorii Dolphin, Yellow Labs, OB Peacock, Dragon Blood /Fire Fish, Twain Reef, Leleupi lemon cichlid , Red Top LWanda , Amatitlania Siquia Convict, Copadichromis Azure, Neochromis omnicaeruleus tri-color fulu Makobe, Aulonocara maylandi Sulfur Head, Bristle Nose Pleco, 414-234-8880
JohnAntolakOrganic BlackwormsLive California Blackworms, Frozen & Freeze Dried California Blackworms, Dry Food, Other Tropical Fish Related Supplies
ChrisHazardI can deliver to the swap on March 25th. 608-444-9183 Peacock males; beanschi, lemon jake, german red, eureka red, turkis, ngara. Juvenile peacocks; blue neon hia reef, beanschi, eureka red, flavescent, lwanda, ngara, lemon jake. Placidochromis Jalo Reef, Copidochromis mloto ivory, Sciaenochromis iceberg ahli; bristlenose: brown, albino and calico; Synodontis petricola; alto. Compressiceps red, Cyprichromis luvia(blue orchid)
JohnCoreyNeocaridina Shrimp, guppies, angelfish
TrevorO'Gormancastle cichlids and plecos Fish and supplies
PhilSalantFish Phil is bringing Python Islands, Juliochromis Ornatus, sulphur head and red empress, Ruby Red and Protomelas Taeniolatus, Fire Blue breeding groups Bolivian Rams 4 for German Blue Rams 4 for Brown Bristle Nose Plecos 4 for Silver Angels 5 for Call Carl @ 414-397-9216
MarkHuffmanPlants, Plants and More Plants, from the basics to the more rare, I have many Swords, Crypts and Anubias including some really nice Bucephalandra, I also have Spiderwood so You can preorder here on the Ads page or hit me at Mark of Excellence Aquatics on Facebook or email me at
ThomasKroutAlbino red fancy guppies, hi fin albino aneus catfish, redeye red hi fin swords, miscellaneous
Mat& Jenn RehbergM&J AquaticsWe will have African Cichlids, plecos and mystery snails. CC and cash is accepted.
RobertCrouseGuppy Associates International ChicagoGuppies bred from IFGA show quality stock, cories, plecos, live plants, food, and equipment. We are the only 50 year old club in Chicago. Do you have what it takes to compete against breeders throughout the USA? Then this club is for you!
josephinechristopherChicago DiscusDiscus Fish
GreenwaterGreenwaterGreenwater Aquarist SocietyGreenwater Aquarist Society Club Table. Club Info & Gear, Tropical Fish, Plants & Other Supplies. Come Check Out Steve, He's Been Practicing Magic Tricks For The Club Picnic!
ScottMillerChicago Aquatic Plant SocietyThe Chicago Aquatic Plant Society will be at the GCCA Swap Meet selling hobbyist-grown plants and mosses from easy-to-grow to specialty aquatic plants for aquascaping. Since we grow our own plants, we know they are in top condition. In addition, we will have wood of various sizes, rock, and substrate for sale for aquascaping your tanks. Come see what we have for sale! Our members will be at the swap table and can answer any questions about growing aquatic plants and help select the right plants and hardscape for your tank.
JimNowobielskiRainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows Please check my GCCA classified ad one week before swap as to what I will be bringing in Non Cichlid and Scavengers. Pre Sales welcome at Check out my facebook page.... Jim's Rainbowfish
SeanStakeMadTown Aquaculture Lots of Cichlids from all over the World! Many CARES species! Livebearers, Catfish, Shrimp, and more. Check out our ads and Facebook page! Rock, cholla Wood, and more
KevinKeithK&M CavesSlate Pleco Caves
KorySmithFinsNthings.comShrimp, Fish, Plants, Foods and Supplies
Dave Sielaffvarious types of haps and peacocks
FreshwaterExoticsWild Caught Plecos Prepaid preorders encouraged to ensure we bring the fish you want. Email us or message us on Facebook: Stock list can be found on our Facebook page or at
warrenbastianiYearFish angels plecos everything must go.tanks lights plants heaters
LeonidFlimanElectric Blue Rams, Angels Koi and Smokey, Apistogramma Cacatuoides 'Double Red', Bristlenose Plecos brown and albino, Assassin Snales, live plants. Check my ads at GCCA website for preorders.
MarkSchmidtFish and fish related items
JeffMichelsaquaticclarityLOTS of Fish, please preorder from my list at for the best selection and to be sure you get what you are looking for. I'll also have sponge filters, a small selection of different types of driftwood, and other supplies.
Jason & MichelleHainlineJM Chicagoland CichlidsEmail us at We encourage preorders to guarantee you will get the fish you want plus preorders will get best looking fish from the group. Some of the fish on our list we may only have one or two so this is another reason to preorder. WE DO NOT BRING FEMALES OR UNSEXED UNLESS PREORDERED. Contact us for more info on any species listed below most we have males available, some we have females available and some we can offer unsexed. Look for our ads also on GCCA classifieds. MBUNA Rusty's, Yellow Fin Mbambas, Chipoake, Elongatus Chailosi, Elongatus Chewere, Elongatus Likoma, White Top Hara, Albino Socolofi (snow whites), Jalo Reef, SRT Hongi & Afra Cobue PEACOCKS Dragon blood, Red Shoulder, Ngara Flametail, Bi-Color 500, Ruby Red, Turkis, OB, F2 Lemon Jake, F2 Red Top Lwanda, F1 Otter Point, Midnight 4” males, Blue Neon 4” males, Red Sun 3.5-4” males HAPS Blue Dolphin males 4” & Red Empress 3.5” males VICTORIAN Pundimilla Nyererei males 3.5 -4” PLECO Blue eyed albino bristlenose 2”, albino long fin bristlenose 3” Look for our banner overhead on our table. You can email us/call/text Jason & Michelle 815-690-2067
KevinEricksonAssortment of New and Old World Cichlids.
Alee/John/RichardYangFlowerhorn, Flowerhorn food, Bristlenose Plecos, and other fishes Super red dragons Kamalau Magma King Kamfa Super Red Monkey Text me at 414-702-1010 to preorder..
RickBoesterAfrican Cichlids, some supplies and New Life Spectrum. Females and fry please pre order. All pre orders welcomed. email is Phone 815-885-2054
DavidTownsendFish and dry goods
JustinDatavsDatzcichlidsAfrican cichlids
JoshCunninghamCunningham Cichlids, LLCFish, Shrimp, Dry Goods
ThomasBergerToms Fish FarmAfrican Cichlids. Check Out Toms Fish Farm on Facebook also will have ads on GCCA classifieds.
Robert and GaleBorgerCaptain Bob's Fish TalesFish food


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