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GCCA's Next Meeting is Sunday, October 8th

Jonathan Strazinsky lo

Jonathan Strazinsky speaks on "Managing Aggression in New World Cichlids"

Jonathan Strazinsky has kept and bred new world cichlids for over 30 years. In the town he grew up in he was known as "The Fish Guy" and the name has stuck with him ever since. It's followed him on numerous forums on the web and he responds to "Fish Guy" more than his own name. He specializes in raising and breeding aggressive species from the new world but will occasionally breed the African cichlid for fun. Jonathan is very involved with his four children and is a Cub Scout Den leader. His wife Lora is a saint and should probably teach classes on how to support (tolerate) a husband who is so involved in his hobby! His profession as a contractor has spilled over into his hobby and he often builds his own aquariums, filters and stands. Jonathan has been a board member of the Ohio Cichlid Association on and off for the past seven years and is also the clubs videographer. His outgoing, fun and loud personality commands attention when he enters a room and he loves to make people laugh! His talk this month titled "Managing Aggression In Large Growing New World Cichlids" will cover everything from raising fry to keeping these brutes in a community setting. He'll also share some trade secrets on how to breed some of these species that tend to kill each other and their tank mates while spawning.

Sunday, October 8th | 6PM

Doubletree Hotel Downers Grove
2111 Butterfield Rd.
Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515
1-630-971-2000   |  Map and Directions

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Matt replied the topic: #37522 4 days 58 minutes ago
We welcome our King Cichlid to the next meeting ....

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