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William Peragine speaks on "Keeping and Breeding Apistogramma"

William Chance PeragineWilliam “Garden” Peragine (Just call him Chance) has been keeping and breeding cichlids since he was just a child. As an adult, he took a brief side trip into breeding clownfish when the hobby first began dabbling into it. Due to travel for work he was forced to close down his clownfish breeding operation before it could ever truly get off it’s feet, but staying out of the hobby was just not a plausible option.

After several years he again found some time and started up a small low tech freshwater tank. He spent quiet a lot of time experimenting with low tech, medium tech, and high tech setups until discovering the genus Apistogramma. With Apistogramma it was love at first site.

He now runs a large setup of over 30 tanks with every one dedicated to breeding Apistos, or raising Apisto fry. His love of plants still runs deep though, as every tank, from fry tank to breeding tank is all a low tech planted tank. He has, however, devoted his life to Apistogramma, and spends extensive amounts of time studying species and their habitat. He has even introduced a species of Apistogramma to the hobby, and was the first person in recorded history to keep and breed the species.

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