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Spawn Rearing Kit from Angelfish Plus

This looks like a great product for raising fry and is applicable to more than just angelfish. There are also some good DIY ideas that can come out of this as well.


keltonsports's Avatar
keltonsports replied the topic: #33179 4 years 8 months ago
I actually tried to make one of my own and have had mixed results. I bought a Jar and Foam from Hobby lobby all for under $10. My problem has been the foam I put into the bottom of the jar kept moving and the fry would get caught on the sides and then under it (it is also hard to keep it all in the right place). I tried diferent sizes and the same results. However to fix this, once the fry were free swimming, I removed the foam from the bottom and just placed a wad of foam in the tube. That way the fry can swim all over the jar and still wont get sucked up the tube. Another problem I have is with the top foam or the lid foam. It only happend once but the top came off and the fry escaped. Luckilly they just joined the rest of their family outside the jar. I was able to take some back and put them back into the jar. I am hoping to move them into their own tank soon.
Anyway I hope the actual kit works better than my DIY project....
scubadiver's Avatar
scubadiver replied the topic: #33171 4 years 8 months ago
So I ordered two of these, I have had problems with my angelfish wigglers surviving. Mario and Ric are convinced its because I am not giving them BBS but I think I might be over feeding them and polluting the water. I am going to pull part of the batch and put it in this container with the next spawn.

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