Fish of The Month

Yssichromis sp.

Yssichromis sp. "Blue Tipped"

is a rare mouthbrooding cichlid from Lake Victoria.

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Members-only Picnic

mtg mod picnic

Sunday, Sept. 20th at Noon

Our annual members-only picnic at the Clary's house will feature food and fun for the whole family. Enjoy some BBQ and visit the Clary's, fish room.
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GCCA Meeting

Meeting Picture

Sunday, October 11th at 6PM

Ric Perez - Breeding and keeping Cichlids and other fun fish by one of the GCCA's most favored members. 

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Monthly Bowl Show

See Great Fish at our monthly meetings!

  • A chance to show off your favorite Cichlids
  • Different fish every month. See our schedule.
  • Monthly ribbons; plaques annually
  • Fish are judged by GCCA judges
  • All members/guests in attendance vote for their favorite Cichlid entry for People's Choice.

    Bowl Show Rules

    1. Entrants must be members in good standing of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA) in order to participate.
    2. The entrant must also supply the correct name of the fish to be shown. There is no limit to the number of entries per member; however, discretion is requested.
    3. Species to be shown will be designated each month by the bowl show chairperson.
    4. Any type of flatsided container is acceptable for showing fish. Containers will be limited to 5 gallon capacity, unless a very large fish is shown. No gravel, plants, shells, ornaments, or tinted water is allowed. A single color background is acceptable.
    5. Fish may be shown singly or in pairs, except for breeder's choice. A pair of fish constitutes one entry. Breeder's choice entries consist of 5 fry (between 2 and 6 months of age); all will be judged.
    6. All containers will be numbered and/or labeled by the bowl show chairperson. No other names or identifying marks will be allowed.
    7. Each entrant is responsible for supplying air (pumps, tubing, and extension cords) to his/her own containers if needed.
    8. A minimum of two judges will be selected by the bowl show chairperson from non-exhibiting members or guests in attendance. In the event of a tie, a third judge will be selected to judge the entries in question. Decisions of the judges will be final.
    9. Bowl show points are as follows:
      1st place8 bowl show points
      2nd place4 bowl show points
      3rd place2 bowl show points
      4th place1 bowl show point

      In the event there is only one entry in a category, it will be judged and placed according to the total number of points awarded by the judges. (With two judges, 41 to 50 judging points = 1st place, 31 to 40 judging points = 2nd place, 21 to 30 judging points = 3rd place, 11 to 20 judging points = 4th place). For any entry not in the top four places, the entrant will receive one bowl show point per entry, not to exceed two points per category, per month.
    10. Members who accumulate 21 points in a year will be awarded a plaque.
    11. People's Choice is a separate award allowing all members and guests in attendance to participate in selecting their favorite entry without the dictates of a formal judging. Voting is accomplished by secret ballot. In the event there is only one entry, no People's Choice ribbon will be awarded. People's Choice points are accumulated on a yearly basis, and the member with the most points will receive a "People's Choice of the Year" plaque at the holiday party.
    12. Raffle tickets will be issued for each entry.

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