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Fish of The Month

Opthalmotilapia ventralis

Opthalmotilapia ventralis

is an featherfin cichlid from Lake Tanganyika.

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Tropical Fish Swap meet

Swap Meet Vendor Alert System

Sunday, Jan. 25th | 10AM  

Buy fish, plants, equipment and more directly from knowledgeable vendors.

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Rare Fish Auction

Sunday, February 8th | 6PM - ?

Our members-only rare fish auction will be dwarf South American cichlids, west african cichlids and Tanganyikan shell dwellers..

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GCCA Articles

Swap Vendor List January 2015

Here is the link to the swap vendor layout January Swap Layout

First NameLast Name Organization Vendor Items
RickBorsteinChicago Livebearer SocietyWe will have a selection of livebearers such as Endlers and others as well as plants and driftwood.
MikeSchadleFish Books
FrankO'NeillAngelfish and plecos L144 Longfins blue eyes
GreenwaterGreenwaterGreenwater Aquarist SocietyGreenwater Aquarist Society Club Table; assorted tropical fish & supplies.
JohnHoernigAquarium Raised Fish and Plants. Guppies, Assorted Livebearers, Scavengers, and Tanganyikan Cichlids. Please Visit my website for a more complete list.
DineshKesavanAdult Breeder Peacock Cichlids, Adult Hap Cichlids, Adult Victorians and several baby cichlids Filters Pumps Heaters
Shawn KopinskiFish
MarkHuffmanPlants, Plants and more Plants, I am also going to bring some of my special recipe fertilizer. You can Pre-order for Swap delivery or I can ship them to you. Mark of Excellence Aquatics on Facebook or Email me at
JimLehnerfish room supplies, food ,filters Red Marlboro Discus
ChrisHazardI can deliver to the swap on January 25, I will have a table. 608-444-9183 Peacock males; eureka, Turkis turquise. Juvenile peacocks; lwanda, beanschi, eureka, flavescent, ngara,bicolor 500, kandensis; yellow labs; bristlenose: brown, albino and calico. Synodontis petricola
Dave Sielaffbringing male peacocks and haps along with NLS and other dry goods
LarryGreningAngels & Misc.
KevinEricksonAssortment of Old and New World Cichlids.
Mike MurrFish
JimNowobielskiRainbows, Rainbows, RainbowsRainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows Check out my Classified ad in Non-cichlids and scavengers one week before swap Pre sales welcome
joshvanckoStock list for the GCCA swap on January 25th. Aulonocara Beanschi "Sunshine Peacock"-1", and 3-4" Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi"Eureka red" 1", and 2-3" Aulonocara Stuartgranti"Ngara Flametail"-1" Bumblebee Cichlid-6" Burundi Frontosas-3.5" Cynotilapia Afra Cobue-1", and 2" Dimidichromis Compressicep"Malawi eye biter" Haplichromis SP 35 Jewel Cichlid -3" Labidichromis Caeruleus "Electric Yellow"-1", and 2-3" Labotropheus Trewvase Chilumba-1", and breeding groups Nicaraguan Cichlids-3" Protomelas Taeniolatus"Red Empress"-1" Pseudotropheus sp."Acei"- 1", and breeding group. Red Terrors-3" Red Tigers-3"-4" Severums Raspberry Face-2", 3.5" Sciaenochromis Fryeri"White Knight Ahli"-1" Tramitichromis Intermedius -1" Xiontilapia-4" Xystichromis Phytophagus "Christmas Fulu"-1" , breeding group of 1 male/4 females Yellow Belly Alberts-2"-3" 2 males/3 females Non Cichlids African Featherfin Catfish- 6+" Common Plecos- 10" Bristlenose Plecos-1" Albino Bristlenose Plecos-1" Tequila Sunrise Guppies Pre orders welcome. Bulk discount for all fry and Brown Bristlenose. Fry and adult females will only be brought if pre ordered.Thank you A&J Cichlids. Please email or text at 815-520-5254
TomKroutSmall and Medium High color Koi, gold marble, black marble, etc both veil and regular fin, Albino red guppies, ABN Pleco's Miscellaneous.
JosephAbbateFrozen Bloodworms. Brine Shrimp, Mysis. Rare African and South American cichlids. PLEASE SEE MY ADS. For best selection, please PRE-ORDER
AlanSchahczinskiwill be bringing Peacocks Red Shoulder, German Red, Eureka Red, Ruby Red, Otter Point Eureka, White Knight, Moorii Dolphin, Yellow Labs, Cobue, Ndumbi, Kribenses, and others
Rick & SteveBoesterPre orders are welcome. Have various sizes of fry and extra females available on a pre order basis. Will be bringing colored male peacocks and haps. Will also have new life spectrum buckets 1mm and 2mm. Pre order prices and availability of fishes etc are on the website. Also willing to sell qty's of colored ahli's, c. moorii and dragon bloods in 12 pc qty's at 30% off.
TedJudyTedsFishroom.comFish Repashy Superfood
DatzcichlidsDatzcichlidsDatzcichlids is bringing lots of juvinile cichlids, from peacocks, to haps, and finally mbuna! We also have lots of plecos in stock that are already acclimated to our high ph african cichlid water! Check our ads for all the details. Aqueos is bringing an assortment of bettas and plants, and Valentines day goodies! Come check us out for all our amazing deals and incredible creativity!
FreshwaterExoticsWild Caught Plecos & South American Cichlids. Please note we do not have time to pack all species, so it is sometimes best to preorder to ensure we bring what you want. preorders must be prepaid. Please note fish over 6" are preorder & prepaid only as we generally do not bring them.
TANKTankersleyEnantiopus melanogenys "Kilesa"@ 2"/ Xenotilapia ochrogenys "Ndole Bay" @ 2"/ Orange Shrimp/ Orange/White Crayfish/ Various Supplies/ Shells/ Aquariums see classifieds/
TedJudyTedsFishroom.comFish Repashy Superfood
NormanMerczakChicago Killifish AssociationFish Live fish foods Plants
BrianQuigleyDragonblood, German Red, Eureka Red, Ngara, dry goods.
DanLessmanbringing colored-up peacocks and haps for fry or females, call to order pre-orders welcome phone#8158775931
PhilSalantFish See classifieds for fish listings for Carl D. (Angelfish and assort cichlids) and Phil (Peacocks, Syndodontis cats, bristle-nose plecos, heaters, filters, PREMIUM FISH FOODS 608-576-7555)
JeffMichelsThis might be my last "big" swap for a while so I'll be bringing a lot! I'll have a clearance table with first come first served deals on new and used heaters, misc. aquarium equipment, and the like. Check out my fish list for preorders I'll be updating the list often as I have several shipments coming in over the next week or so. Please check out my ads for tanks, stands, set-ups, etc. I'll also have my usual offerings of wood, filters, nets, etc.
JohnAntolakOrganic BlackwormsLive California Blackworms, Frozen & Freeze Dried California Blackworms, Other Tropical Fish And Supplies. Call 708-655-3719 For Pre-orders Or Email
MugwumpJon MillerJon & Bob's fish & food..Here's your chance for one stop shopping folks. Jon's Angels and Capt'n Bob's Fish Foods are joining up for this swap. There will be angel fish, including some pre-breeder/breeder sized Koi, some black, silver ghosts, pearl scale Zebras Some unturned HB's,and other varieties we'll also have an assortment of the dwarf Bristle nosed plecos, including L144 std fins... All that plus the great selection of Capt'n Bobs super fish foods Frenzy, egg foo young, various pellet sizes, Guppy Magic, algae wafers,pleco caves and much,much more Be sure and stop by....
DanBarmoreSynodontis petricola, Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Metriaclima callainos, Cyrtocara moorii, Pundamilia nyereri, Bristlenose Plecostomus Email:
RobertCrouseGuppy Associates International ChicagoWe are bringing show guppies, live plants, magazines, egglayer spawning mops, and some used equipment. We are having a membership drive! Please visit our website:, cichlid huts, pleco tubes, discus cones, driftwood, xtreme aquatic foods, omega one foods, Sera foods, surplus items. .
JeffSchaneselfFish rubyred peacocks albino rubyred undo point blue neon peacocks yellow labs red top hongi afra hai reefs giant demasoni albino bristle nose pleco also brown bistle nose plecos dragonblood peacocks
TimWestloveFish Philippine Blue Angelfish
MikeSchroederHaps, peacocks ,mbuna
RandyBlaszczykFrozen fish food and assorted African cichlids
PeterMingMing Trading LLCGreat Prices on LED lights, Canister Filters, Powerheads, Heaters, UV sterilizers, Submersible Pumps, Air Pumps, Filter Media, Wavemakers, Magnet Brushes, Sponge Filters and many more. If you need other equipments such as CO2 set, Landscape Tools, Fertilizer, Protein Skimmer, Calcium Reactor, pH Controller, Tank Sets, Pond Equipments, T5HO light, please email us.
SairAliDiscus fish koi angel fish
GeneAndersonSwordtails, Platy's, pumps, corys
RobertBauerShrimp in many varieties and Bucephalandra as well as Anubias plants
Chicago Discus Josie Christopher Chicago Discus Happy New Year GCCA, If there is anything special that you would like to pre order and have delivered at the swap let us know…Josie We really like to use FedEx as we are given a discount and we share that discount with you guys. The Discus will be delivered to your door before 10:30 A.M. to most places in the U.S. We will ship Airport to Airport via American Airlines or Delta Cargo but we have found that the cheaper way is FedEx overnight Priority. For immediate shipping quotes please use our cart on our website as a reference. All our Discus are Guaranteed Live Arrival and we will maintain communication with you and FedEx throughout the whole process. You will be given a tracking number so you can follow the Discus on their journey to your location. The best way to communicate with Chicago Discus is Via Email at [email][/email]. We have a business line 312-622-0055. If there is no answer on the business line it usually means that we are in the Hatchery working with the Discus. Please leave a message on the Line and we will get back to as soon as possible. We except Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover and course PayPal. Website : [url][/url] Email: [email][/email] Phone: 312-622-0055 Josie Cell Text Message is best 312-388-1143 5.0" Vertical Strip Tiger 0 4.0" Pure Golden ... 6.0" Giant Flora Turquoise - A Grade Select .......... 0 4.0" Red White ......... 4.0" Super Fine Line Snakeskin .. 5 4.0" Checkerboard Pigeon ... 5.0" Mandarin Passion - A Grade Select ............... 5 4.0" Heckel Cross ...... 4.0" Albino Leopard - A Grade Select ................... 0 3.5" Albino Eruption ... 9 4.0" Albino Eruption - A Grade Select .................. 9 4.5" Albino Red Golden Diamond ........................ 0 6.0" Giant Flora Cobalt - A Grade Select .............. 0 5.0" Super Eruption - A Grade Select .................. 5 6.0" Giant Classic Leopard ……… 5 5.0" Classic Leopard ...... 5.0" Rafflesia - AA Grade Select ..... 0 4.0" Albino Leopard Snakeskin - AA Grade Select .. 0 4.0" Albino Millenium Gold ........... 4.0" Mandarin Passion (regular grade) ...... 4.5" Albino Yellow Crystal ...... 5.0" Calico ......... 0 4.5" Mystique Red Cover ...... 4.5" Red Melon (regular grade) ........ 5.0" Albino Platinum .... 6.0" Half Moon Blue Diamond ............. 5 6.0" Face Spotted Super Eruption ....... 5 6.0” Blue Diamond ….. 5
JimmySantoianniFish Are Friends We will have many different types of African and Central/South American cichlids at this next swap. Please check out all of our Ads under Senase or JimmyS in the classifieds . Pre Orders are encouraged. We will accept Credit Cards! If you have any questions please email us at
DaveBoyceMellockport/WorldcichlidsSee pic's of available stock @ Top quality Show males fully colored and developed fins. Some females and fry (see ads for available types) available by pre-order only (3"-OB peacocks 7.00ea or 10-55.00, 3"+ Ruby Red peacocks 15.00, 3" Red Top Zebra 5.00. Will also have dry goods (heater, filters air pumps,decorations, malaysian drift wood,water pumps, slate and more.
AleeYangAngelfish, Bristlenose pleco, flowerhorn + More
SebastianNiepolskiZooBaSeFish,fish food,plants,fertilizer and more...

Posted: 4 hours 53 minutes ago by Matt#35469
Matt's Avatar
:cheer: We had a very GREAT turn out last Sunday ..... I like to thank EVERYONE that helped to put on a great SWAP . Also for our great vendors !!!!! We couldn't do it without you guys .. Thank you everyone and we will see you at the next swap
Posted: 18 hours 10 minutes ago by scubadiver#35468
scubadiver's Avatar
How huge was that swap, a lot of vendors sold out of almost everything they brought and left early. It looked like it was pretty successful swap.
Posted: 5 days 6 hours ago by Matt#35456
Matt's Avatar
I hope we will ... The weather will not be bad as last year and we should be getting a good group of people ... :cheer:
Posted: 5 days 12 hours ago by B524#35455
B524's Avatar
Just curious, are we expecting as big a crowd as December?
Posted: 1 week 1 day ago by scubadiver#35450
scubadiver's Avatar
Swap vendor layout is posted - for the latest vendors the layout will be updated in a few days.
Posted: 2 weeks 5 days ago by scubadiver#35380
scubadiver's Avatar
Here is the vendor list -

GCCA Meeting April 2015 Speaker Mike Wise - Adventures in the Amazon.

GCCA Meeting March 2015 Speaker Mike Wise - Adventures in the Amazon.

GCCA Meeting April 2015 - Mike Wise - Adventures in the Amazon.

Doubletree Hotel Downers Grove
2111 Butterfield Rd.
Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515
1-630-971-2000   |  Map and DirectionsMike Wise Collecting in Peru

Mike Wise

Adventures in the Amazon. Covers 4 weeks of collecting in Peru and along its borders with Ecuador and Colombia. It's a bit long.

Mike Wise Mike has been in the hobby for over 35 years and has kept dwarf cichlids almost from the beginning. He’s been a member of the Colorado Aquarium Society since 1977 and the American Cichlid Association since 1982. He was technical editor for the Apistogramma Study Group and presently is curator for Apistogramma at the Cichlid Room Companion web site. He has had articles published in several magazines and received writing awards from the ACA and FAAS. Mike also translated three German books on dwarf cichlids, as well as many scientific and hobby related papers, into English. He is one of the contributors to the German/English book South American Dwarf Cichlids a “Special Publication” (Sonderheft) published by the German aquarium/terrarium magazine, DATZ. Among his many experiences are two, four week long trips in which he of lived, ate, and collected fish with native collectors in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Mike has given programs at several ACA conventions, as well as at local, regional, and international fish clubs on the various aspects of collecting, identifying, keeping, and breeding dwarf cichlids

Event Properties

Event Date: 04-12-2015 6:00 pm
Event End Date: 04-12-2015 9:00 pm
LocationDoubleTree Hotel Downers Grove
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    Posted: 1 week 4 days ago by scubadiver#35439
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    Here is the april speaker -

    GCCA Meeting March 2015 Speaker Jeff Michels speaking on building a fish room

    GCCA Meeting February 2014 Speaker Jeff Michels speaking on building a fish room

    GCCA Meeting March 2015 - Building a Fishroom

    Doubletree Hotel Downers Grove
    2111 Butterfield Rd.
    Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515
    1-630-971-2000   |  Map and Directions

    Building a Fishroom

    Jeff Michels will present a program on "Building a Fishroom - Tips and Tricks".


    Event Properties

    Event Date: 03-08-2015 6:00 pm
    Event End Date: 03-08-2015 9:00 pm
    LocationDoubleTree Hotel Downers Grove
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      Posted: 1 week 4 days ago by scubadiver#35435
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      Here is the March meeting


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