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Fish of The Month

Haplochromis sp.

Haplochromis sp. "Entebbe"

is an aggressive mouthbrooding cichlid from Lake Victoria.

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Members-only Picnic

mtg mod picnic

Sunday, Sept. 14th at Noon

Our annual members-only picnic at Bruce Canaday's house will feature food and fun for the whole family. Enjoy some BBQ and visit Bruce's, fishroom.
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Tropical Fish Swap meet

Swap Meet Vendor Alert System

Sunday, August 24th | 10AM  

Buy fish, plants, equipment and more directly from knowledgeable vendors.

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GCCA Articles

Swap Vendor List August 2014

Here is the link to the swap vendor layout Swap Layout 

First NameLast Name Organization Vendor Items
RickBorsteinChicago Livebearer SocietyDry goods, wild-type and fancy livebearers donated by our members.
JeffFedykAngelfish Rainbows
Mugwump JonMillerJon's angelsMisc. Angelfish...Koi, Sunsets, some Plats, some proven mated pairs,,Bristle nosed Plecos, standard brown, albinos, some Long fin... L144 Blue eyed Bristle nose..std fin.. and other misc adult angelfish Pre-orders welcome cell 815-970-5191
MarkHuffmanMark of Excellence Aquatics LIVE PLANTS
DennisVirnichTropiquaticsAfrican cichlids malawi and Tanganykin also some angels as well
JohnAntolakOrganic BlackwormsLive California Blackworms, FRozen & Freeze Dried California Blackworms, Other Assorted Tropical Fish & Supplies
MarioToromanovicStill not sure, but have some Tanganyikans and South Americans, both fry and breeding groups
josephinechristopherChicago DiscusDiscus Fish, We will bring to the Swap 6.0” Snakeskin, 2.5-3” Red Turquoise and 2.5-3” Silver Pigeons . Everyone is welcome to come visit the hatchery we are located on the Northwest side of Chicago around Harlem and Addison. The hatchery phone number is 312-622-0055 feel free to make an appointment. Our website is with updated stock list and availability. Thank You, Josie Christopher Chicago Discus
MarkHuffmanMark of Excellence Aquatics LIVE PLANTS
josephinechristopherChicago DiscusDiscus Fish, We will bring to the Swap 6.0” Snakeskin, 2.5-3” Red Turquoise and 2.5-3” Silver Pigeons . Everyone is welcome to come visit the hatchery we are located on the Northwest side of Chicago around Harlem and Addison. The hatchery phone number is 312-622-0055 feel free to make an appointment. Our website is with updated stock list and availability. Thank You, Josie Christopher Chicago Discus
JasonMasseyLake Tanganyika and Malawi Cichlids
Justin(Datzcichlids)DatzcichlidsDatzcichlidsDatzcichlids is bringing lots of rare Africans that are very hard to find in the hobby! We are also bringing flame food, as well as new life spectrum. Preorders are encouraged, as some of the fish do not get the opportunity to make it to the table. We accept cash and credit cards! Please contact Justin at 708-351-3979 for questions and orders. Phone calls and text .messages work well. Please see the classified ads for our full list! Aqueos, run by Zach, is bringing gorgeous bettas, varied in size, finnage, and color. Check out the classifieds for a full line up! You can also contact Zach at 224-232-7601 for preorders!
GeneAndersonswordtails, platys, corys, plecos
RobertCrouseGuppy Associates International ChicagoShow guppies, plecos, cories, angels, used equipment. WE ARE HAVING A MEMBERSHIP DRIVE ALSO!
GreenwaterGreenwaterGreenwater Aquarist SocietyGreenwater Aquarist Society Club Table.
RickBoesterCan bring a variety of colored adult male Malawi peacocks ( Red albino, reds, dragon bloods, Maleri sunshines, Eurekas, albino eurekas, lemon jakes, maisoni and “haps”( red empress, azureus, ahli's, white ahlis, red fin kandango Borelyi, intermedius, Cry. moorii, spilonotus, taiwan reef fry, albino Taiwan reef fry. Also have bristlenose plecos. Please pre order if you want something specific held off the table for purchase. Will hold pre orders for an hour unless prior arrangements have been made. If females or fry are desired, please pre order as very few are brought to sell. Same goes for Mbuna. Will also have new life spectrum and our mixed green flakes, Pre order prices and availability of fishes etc are on the website.
KevinEricksonAssortment of New and Old World Cichlids.
PhilSalantPhilthy's Fish & Angel Fish Connection CARL D.Cichlids, Angels, Food, lights, filters, filter foam, heaters, test kits, thermometers, medications, Get ready for brine shrimp hatcheries, LOOK FOR THE DISCO LIGHTS AND MUSIC!!!!!
JohnHoernigAquarium Raised Fish and Plants: Guppies, Swordtails, Tanganyikan Cichlids, Scavengers and Plants. Please check my website after August 17 for a more detailed list.
DaveBoyceFully colored male Peacocks and dry good
brantleyberryplecocaves.comPlecocaves , xtreme aquatic foods, omega one fish food, discus cones, cichlid huts, custom pottery.
BrianQuigleyNgara fry, Dragonblood fry, Eureka Red fry, German Red fry, dry goods.
SidSIDDIQUISid CichlidsAfrican Cichlids
RonOclonuncle ron fishroomdry goods heater spider wood plants clownloach frozen food-brineshrimp-bloodworms-beef heart
TANKTankersleySelfLong Fin Plecos,Shrimp(yellow/Orange),Swordtail Guppies,Peacock cichlid,Misc Item
MarkSchmidtSA fish
JeffSchaneRuby Red Peacocks, Albino Ruby Red Peacocks, Red Top Hongi, Hai Afra Reef, Lion Cove Yellow Labs, Giant Demasoni Mandra Dolphin, Albino Bristol Nose Preco, Demasoni
JimLehnerDiscus, angels, fish room supplies
DaveSielaffVarious large Haps and peacocks along with NLS food and other dry goods
NormanMerczakChicago Killifish AssociationKillifish Plants Live foods
PatrickLauerNew and Old World Cichlids.
FrankO'NeillAngels and plecos l type 144 longfins
SairAliDiscus fish Koi angel fish
Phil ClaryFish room equipment
AlanSchahczinskiLED Lights, German Red, Ruby Red, Acei, Yellow Labs, Red Shoulder, Maleri, Benga, Blue Moorii Dolphin, Eureka Red, Otter Point Eureka, Lemon Jake, Yellow Blaze Lithobates, Red Cap Lithrinops, Demasoni, Leporinus, Ahli, OB Peacocks, Tilapia Snyderae and others
ToddRaysbyAssorted cichlids, other fish, plants, and dry goods. See my ads in the classifieds section under Midknight. Pre-orders are encouraged.
AdamBellOhio Holey RockI will have Texas Holey Rock 1.25 lb, red lava rock 0.50 lb, flagstone 0.50 lb, Escargot shells, Check out classifieds leading up to the swap and send me an email with any questions.
JohnManningPhilippine Blue Angels Green Leopard Angels Koi Angels
TANKTankersleySelfLong Fin Plecos,Shrimp yellow Orange ,Swordtail Guppies,Peacock cichlid, Misc Item
Bruce(bloonguy)CanadayWatch classifieds close to swap
DanBarmoreSynodontis petricola, Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Cynotilipia afra Cobue, Cyrtocara moorii, Aulonocara ngara, Pundamilia nyereri Email
FreshwaterExoticsPrepaid preorders are welcome. We do not bring fish larger than 5 unless they are preordered. Email us at with any questions. Check us out on Facebook @ Freshwater Exotics or our website Teleocichla prionogenys 2.5-3 35.00ea Crenicichla regani Rio Tapajos 3 25.00ea Parancistrus aurantiacus Chubby pleco 4.5 25.00ea Megalancistrus barrae Yellow 10 400.00 LDA07 Pseudacanthicus leopardus Rio Tacutu 10 350.00ea LDA33 Baryancistrus sp. Snowball 4 35.00 LDA72 Ancistrus triradiatus @ 4 15.00ea L14 Scobiancistrus aureatus Sunshine @ 3 55.00ea L14 Scobiancistrus aureatus Sunshine @ 5 90.00ea L15 Peckoltia vittata Candy Stripe @ 4 25.00ea L24 Pseudacanthicus sp. “Red Fin Catus” @7- 8" for 200.00ea 1 available L25 Pseudacanthicus sp. "7 Pointers" 12" 400.00 L25 Pseudacanthicus sp. 12" 275.00 L27 Panaque armbrusteri “Thunder Gold Royal” Rio Teles Pires @ 8” 600.00ea 1 available L27 Panaque armbrusteri “Royal” Rio Xingu @ 9-10” 160.00ea (1 available) L27 Panaque armbrusteri "Platinum Royal" 10" 160.00 L029 Leporacanthicus galaxias “Vampire” @ 4” 40.00ea L029 Leporacanthicus galaxias “Vampire” @ 7” 60.00 2 available L30 Oligancistrus punctatissimus “Peppermint” @ 4” 30.00ea L34 Ancistrus ranunculus “Medusa” @ 4” 30.00ea L47 Baryancistrus chrysolomus “Mango” @ 3-3.5” 50.00ea L052 Dekeyseria pulcher “Butterfly” @ 4” 20.00ea L66 Hypancistrus sp. “King Tiger” Belo Monte @ 4-5” 50.00ea L75 Hemiancistrus sabaji “Orange Flame” @ 3-3.5" for 25.00ea (1 available) L81 Baryancistrus xanthellus "Gold Nugget" 2.5" 30.00 L091 Leporacanthicus triactis “Three Beacon” @4- 5” 45.00ea L128 Ancistrinae sp. “Blue Phantom” @ 5” 45.00ea L134 peckoltia compta " leopaed frog" 2.5" 50.00 L137 Hypostomus soniae " Red fin Blue eyes" 4" 30.00 L190 Panaque nigrolineatus “Royal” @ 2” 15.00ea L200 Baryancistrus demantoides “Green Phantom” - Hi-fin @ 4-5” 45.00ea L200 Hemiancistrus subviridis “Green Phantom” @ 4-5” 35.00ea L201 Hypancistrus inspector @ 2 - 2.5 25.00ea L202 Peckoltia sp. @ 3.75-4” 25.00ea L235 Pseudolithoxus anthrax Flyer Cat @ 4-6” 35.00ea L239 Ancistrinae sp. Blue Panaque @ 3-3.5” 30.00ea L243 Peckoltia sp. @ 3.75-4” 25.00ea L260 Hypancistrus sp. Queen Arabesque 3.75" 35.00 L401 Hypancistrus sp. Royal King Tiger Alenquer Rio Curua @ 3-4” 35.00ea 2 available
JimNowobielskiRainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows and Corydoras and etc. Please view my classifieds ad one week before swap in folder Non Cichlids and Scavengers Pre sales are welcome
JimmySantoianniFish Are Friends We will have many different types of African and Central South American cichlids at this next swap. Please check out all of our Ads under Senase or JimmyS in the classifieds . Pre Orders are encouraged. We will accept Credit Cards If you have any questions please email us at
JohnHoernigAquarium Raised Fish and Plants Guppies, Swordtails, Tanganyikan Cichlids, Scavengers and Plants. Please check my website after August 17 for a more detailed list.
JosephAbbateFROZEN FISH FOOD: Brine Shrimp, Bloodworms, Krill and more. African Cichlids from Lake Malawi & Tanganyika--- Beautiful and Rare Show Males and more --- Central & South American Cichlids - including Creamsicles and more Look for my ads ZEBRASTRIPES in the GCCA Classifieds for PRE-ORDER Specials and More Specifics on the Species of Fish
JOSHVANCKOYellow Labs 1-3, Labotropheus Trewvase Chilumba 1-3, Dimidichromis Compressiceps 1-3, Eureka Red females and colored males, White Ahli fry, Christmas Fulu fry, Bristlenose Plecos, Elongatus Chewere breeding pair, Moliro Red Tropheus breeding colony of 11, Intermedius fry,Auratus 1-3, Baenschi Benga Peacock females and colored males 1-3, Ruby Red Peacocks 1-2 some males showing color, 7 male Mpimbwe Frontosa, 6male Burundi Frontosa,Red Jewel,Cynotilapia Afra Cobues fry to 1, Tequila Sunrise Guppies.Egg tumblers. Pre orders are more than welcome.
PhilSalantPhilthy's Fish & Angel Fish Connection CARL D.Phil of PHILTHY’S FINE FISH EMPORIUM - PRE-ORDER FOR BEST SELECTION, MANY BREEDS SELL OUT PRIOR TO SHOW. PEACOCKS - Ngara Flametails, Benga Sunshines, SUPER GERMAN REDS, Rudy Red, Otter Point Jacobs, Lwanda Red Tops. HAPS: Yellow blaze, Red Empress, Sulphur Heads, Dragon Bloods and Dragon Blue Bloods. VICTORIANS: Kyoga Flamebacks. TANGANYIKANS - Neolamprologous Multifaciatus Shellies, Juliochromis Oranatus. MBUNAS - Mainganos, Electric Yellow Labs with black fins. SYNDODONTIS: Lucipinnis colony, Petricola colony and Zebra Hybrid colonies available. Also have L140 Pleco group colony, Trewavasea with orange blotch females and blue males, assorted Cory cats, Bulk Premium Food, Heaters, filters, lights, tops, etc. All of my fish enjoy weekly 90 water changes, New Life Spectrum NLS daily, 3 flavors of REPASHY SUPERFOOD, live baby brine shrimp, frozen brine and Mysis shrimp, blood worms, black worms, daphnia, multiple flake food including: 3X Color Max, Spirilina and Earth worms. EMAIL PHILSALANT@YAHOO.COM, WEBSITE and 608-576-7555 CARL D. of ANGELFISH CONNECTION Philippine Blue Angels, Black Angels, Platinum Angels, Zebra Obliquedens, Red Zebras, Yellow Blaze, Red Empress, RED BLOOD SEVERUMS, ALSO HAVE BREEDING GROUP OF EUREKA REDS, breeding and great size/color, approximately a dozen for . CALL AND PRE-ORDER for best prices and fish quality GUARANTEED CALL CARL, 262-303-4410.
RandyBlaszczykOregon Desert Frozen fish food Bloodworms, brine shrimp, mysid shrimp, silversides, krill, blackworms, & Assorted african cichlids
robertkorteK & L Aquariaair pumps,air line,air stones,heaters,power filters,digital thermometers,shrimp food,misc. new and used equipment,and driftwood
PeterMingTech'n'ToyALL NEW - LED lights, Canister Filters, UV Sterilizers, Pumps, Heaters, Air Pumps, Filter Media, Nano Tanks, Jebao DC Pumps, Jebao Wavemakers, Magnet Brush, Gravel Vacuum, Sponge Filter, Net Bag, CO2 Set, etc. If you need any saltwater equipment, feel free to email me: or visit
MikeSchadleAlmost every fish book known to be published. 100's of fish books -
anthonykiziorasst cichlids
DavidDelgadoChicago Fresh and Salty FishFresh Water Fish Tank Accessories Varity of Plants
JimBlakeAulonocara Jacobfreibergi “Otter Point” (1 trio & 1 Pair – breeding) Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi “Otter Point” (25 @ 2”) Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi “Otter Point” (40 fry @ ¾ ”) Pseudotropheus Demasoni (30 @ 1 ½ – 2 ½ ”) Pseudotropheus Demasoni (10 @ 1”) Pseudotropheus Demasoni (25 fry @ ¾ ”) Gephyrochromis Lawsi (12 @ 3-4” – breeding) Gephyrochromis Lawsi (50 fry @ ½”) Aulonocara Huseri “Likoma Island” (25 @ 2 – 3”) Aulonocara Huseri “Likoma Island” (40 fry at ¾ ”) Aulonocara OB Peacocks (20 @ 1”) Albino Dwarf Bristlenose Plecos (30 @ 3/4” – 3”) Dwarf Bristlenose Plecos (25 @ 1” – 4” w/ albino bloodline) Dwarf Bristlenose Plecos (Proven Pair at 3-4” w/ albino bloodline)
JoshGeierAfrican Mbuna- (Maylandia greshakei, gephyrochromis lawsi, iodotropheus sperengerae, pseudotropheus flavus, labidochromis caeruleus, labidochromis sp. mbamba.) Tanganyikans- Synodontis lucipinnis & Telmatochromis Vittatus.
BruceBakkenDemasoni, Yellow Labs, Red Zebras, Electric Blue Johanni (Maingano). Assassin Snails, Decorative Coral, some fish food.
JoshRaatzAsst angel fish Asst discus Jaguar cichlids Misc items
JohnKazminskiAlbino Bristlenose Plecos, Brown Bristlenose Plecos, Albino Cories, High Fin/Long Fin Green Cories, Assorted Angels, Red Ramhorn Sails, MTS, Shrimp, Blue Eyed Bristlenose Plecos, Brichardi Juveniles, ect. Pre-orders accepted by calling 630-730-9545.
ARJDADeAngeloApparel-cichlid themed

Posted: 2 weeks 14 hours ago by scubadiver#35187
scubadiver's Avatar
Here is the swap vendor information

GCCA Meeting August 2014 -Members Only Auction

GCCA Meeting August 2014 - Members Only Auction

GCCA Meeting August 2014 - Rare Fish Auction Old World

Doubletree Hotel Downers Grove
2111 Butterfield Rd.
Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515
1-630-971-2000   |  Map and Directions

GCCA Rare Fish Auction - Summer will target Old World Fish (Malawi & Tanganikan's Fish)



Tentative list of fish (no guarantees)

Here's a link to pictures of the fish

medAulonocara kandensis blue orchid ~2.5"-3"
medLabeotropheus fuelleborni Katale OB orange 2.5"
Large AdultsCopidochromis virginalis yellow blaze Nkanda
smJulidochromis regani Kipili
smLamprologus helianthus yellow Congo
SMMetriaclima zebra Mozambique gold bar
 Pseudotropheus  elongatus orange sunburst
SMAulonocara Ngara flametail
smLamprologus "minutus" Zambian brevis (shell dweller)
medChilotilapia euchilus ~3"
smJulidochromis ornatus Uvira yellow
WildCyphotilapia frontosa Kabogo diamond head ~6" 
sm-mdParalabidochromis sp rock kribensis
sm-mdLabidochromis sp. red top Hongi
smAulonocara regal red should peacock ~2"
sm-mdAulonocara flavescent Usisya ~2"
WildMastacembelus spp. assorted Tanganyika spiney eels ~5"+
 WildAltolamprologus 'calvus' Kekese zebra
 MediumCynotilipia afra yellow Mara
 SmallAulonocara Marleri -  sunshine yellow 
WildTropheus moorii Ikola yellow kaiser
 SmallPundamilia nyererei Juma Island 1.5" F-1
WildAltolamprologus compressiceps Maswa black, yellow pecs
WildEretmodus cyanostictus Makombe ~2.5" - 3"
medSimochromis babaulti Kitaza ~2.5"
WildTanganicodus irsacae ~2.5" - 3"
smNimbochromis polystigma F-1

Event Properties

Event Date: 08-10-2014 6:00 pm
Event End Date: 08-10-2014 9:00 pm
LocationDoubleTree Hotel Downers Grove
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    Posted: 1 week 3 days ago by sawboy#35194
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    maxumum2 wrote:
    Where are the fish from?

    Africa, Central America and South America
    Posted: 1 week 4 days ago by Senase#35193
    Senase's Avatar
    Yet another awesome rare fish auction. Great selection of cichlids and hung out with great people........job well done! Thank you for setting this event up!
    Posted: 1 week 5 days ago by scubadiver#35191
    scubadiver's Avatar
    ok the zebra golds, the euchilus, the red top hongi, the eels and the afra yellow did not come in. All the wild fish came in as well as the rest.
    Posted: 1 week 6 days ago by maxumum2#35190
    maxumum2's Avatar
    Where are the fish from?
    Posted: 2 weeks 13 hours ago by scubadiver#35189
    scubadiver's Avatar
    Also not finalized but it sounds like all the fish were in stock -
    Posted: 2 weeks 13 hours ago by scubadiver#35188
    scubadiver's Avatar
    Updated with a PDF presentation of the fish -

    Not a single comment, so I assume all the wild fish are coming home with me for $1. Wahoo -
    Posted: 2 weeks 6 days ago by scubadiver#35161
    scubadiver's Avatar
    Here is the list of tentative fish for the members only auction

    Classic Show Overview



    When is the Cichlid Classic?

    Memorial Day Weekend 2014
    Friday, May 23rd to Sunday, May 25th 


    Best Western Plus
    4400 Frontage Rd
    Hillside, IL 60162‎

    GCCA's Annual Cichlid Classic is a fun cichlid-themed weekend for everyone. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the hobby, buy and sell fish, and have a great time with fellow hobbyists.

    What is the GCCA Classic?

    • Speakers from across the country with a full day of presentations 
    • A fish show where breeders and hobbyist display their favorite and best fish (and often sell them at the end of the show)
    • It is raffle where over a $$$$ of goods will be raffled and auctioned away
    • It is a social event with a dinner party (banquet) and hospitality suite
    • It is a place to buy fish and supplies from vendors
    • It is where over hundreds of fish books are for sale
    • It is where vendors will be displaying their latest products
    • It is where people put fish for sale up on bulletin board (typically people from other clubs)
    • It is a huge cichlid auction on Sunday
    • It is for newbie's and cichlid nuts a like
    • It attracts people across the Midwest

    How to Register

    We encourage to register online by clicking the button below. It's fast, safe and secure.

    You can pay with your Paypal account or if you don't have one, you may use a major credit card.


    Don't want to register online?

    If you don't want to register online, you may register over the phone by calling Rick Borstein at 847-634-2443. You can also email our webmaster if you have questions.

    Posted: 3 months 2 days ago by scubadiver#35015
    scubadiver's Avatar
    Updated list

    Medium Copadichromis borleyi Mbenji "quadrimaculatus"
    small Copadichromis sp. mloto gold crest Makonde F-1
    small Ngara flametail™
    small Protomelas spilonotus sulferhead
    Large Adults Cop. virginalis yellow blaze Nkanda
    small euchilus
    small steveni/fenestratus yellow chin
    small Cop. chrysonotus wt. blaze
    small Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo 1.5"
    Medium Cynotilapia afra white top clown
    small dolphin Manda - giant demasoni
    small polit Lions Cove
    small zebra gold bar Mozambique
    Medium Julidochromis transcriptus Kissi type
    Medium Lamprologus brichardi Kipili blue face F-1
    Medium Lobochilotes labiatus 2" F-1
    Medium Tropheus moorii kaiser II (Kiriza)
    Medium Tropheus moorii Ikola yellow kaiser NICE!
    Medium Tropheus moorii Mboko yellow 1.5"
    Wild Adults Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head Tanzania
    Wild Adults Altolamprologus calvus black Congo medium
    Wild Adults Lamprologus ocellatus Isanga 'gold' type 1.5"
    Posted: 3 months 1 week ago by scubadiver#35007
    scubadiver's Avatar
    Tentative list of fish for our silent auction (we will also be getting another 10 or so species from our banquet speaker Chris Biggs)

    Copadichromis borleyi Mbenji "quadrimaculatus"
    Copadichromis sp. mloto gold crest Makonde F-1
    Placidochromis electra (deep water hap)
    Aulonocara Ngara flametail™
    Cop. virginalis yellow blaze Nkanda
    Chilotilapia Euchilus
    Protomelas fenestratus yellow chin
    Aulonocara sp. "Stuartgranti Maleri
    Cop. chrysonotus wt. blaze
    Protomelas ndiwe fire blue
    Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo 1.5"
    Cynotilapia afra Jaro
    Cynotilapia afra white top clown
    Labidochromis sp perlmutt (Euro bred)
    Labidochromis Chisumulu
    Pseudotropheus sp. "polit" Lions Cove
    zebra gold bar Mozambique
    Pseudotropheus Demasoni Pombo
    Crenicichla lepidota pike 3"+
    Julidochromis sp. transcriptus Zambian
    Lamprologus brichardi Kipili blue face F-1
    Lobochilotes labiatus 2" F-1
    Frontosa Burundi 6 stripe
    Tropheus brichardi Mpimbwe red cheek
    Tropheus moorii Ikola yellow kaiser NICE!
    Tropheus moorii Mboko yellow 1.5"
    Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head Tanzania
    Lamprologus ocellatus Isanga 'gold' type 1.5"
    Posted: 3 months 2 weeks ago by 1fishgeek#34996
    1fishgeek's Avatar
    Yes, Sunday's Auction is Free, If you come early you may take a peek in the show room, there maybe a few fish still in the tanks. However most will be gone the volunteers will be taking down the show. Also the raffle tanks are always raffled off in the main auction so tickets are sold for the first few hours anyway. You may always go into the show room and see the fish for free. Unless something has changed without the board knowing
    Posted: 3 months 2 weeks ago by Samfred#34995
    Samfred's Avatar
    So if we could only make it on sunday, it would be free to get in?
    Posted: 3 months 3 weeks ago by scubadiver#34952
    scubadiver's Avatar
    Sunday's auction is free

    Friday & Saturday's raffle and silent auction require you to buy a ticket to the classic for $35
    Posted: 3 months 3 weeks ago by ziggy2#34951
    ziggy2's Avatar
    So if I would like to buy some raffle tickets and come up for the auction what would it cost me?


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