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Swap Vendor List March 2017

Updated Swap table layout for Hoffman Estates Marriott (Note this is a draft version) 

First NameLast Name Organization Vendor Items
DanBarmoreSynodontis petricola, Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Copadichromis Mloto, Bristlenose Plecostomus Email:
FrankO'Neillmany verifiers of fish and supplies and wood and heaters air pumps filters
Mike MurrFish
JohnAntolakOrganic BlackwormsLive California Blackworms (I Hope!) Freeze Dried & Frozen California Blackworms, Dry Food, Other Tropical Fish & Supplies. See For Updates On Live Blackworm Availability, Or Contact Us At
JosephAbbateHIKARI Frozen Fish Food, Great Cichlids
JimLehnerFish room supplies
SairSidFish discus
JimNowobielskiRainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows Check out my ad in "Non Cichlids and Scavengers" one week before swap. Pre orders welcome,
BobCrouseGuppy Associates International ChicagoGuppies, cories, plecos, NorthFin and Sera fish food, lot's of assorted equipment. Do you have what it takes to compete with the best guppy breeders in the world? Ask about joining the 50 year old Chicago club.
ChrisHazardI can deliver to the swap on March 5th. 608-444-9183 Peacock males; beanschi, ngara, flavescent, lemon jake, german red. Juvenile peacocks; turkis, blue neon hia reef, beanschi, eureka , kandensis, flavescent, lwanda. Placidochromis Jalo Reef, Sciaenochromis iceberg ahli, Mbuna: msobo, mainango; bristlenose: brown, albino and calico. Some longfin bristlenose; Synodontis petricola; alto. Compressiceps red
KaseyClarkPrism Bettas Locally bred and imported show bettas. Pre-sales are available at
AlanSchahczinskiRed Shoulder, Otter Point Eureka, Eureka Red Ahli White Blaze, Sunshine Peacock, Ruby Red, Moorii Blue Dolphin, Blue neon Undu reef , Yellow Blaze Lithobates, Yellow Tail Aceii ,Black Ocellatus ,Placidochromis sp.Phenochilus
Jo AnnFujiiChicago Aquatic Plant SocietyThe Chicago Aquatic Plant Society is an organization that emphasizes educating hobbyists about starting, keeping, and maintaining aquatic plants in the aquarium. We will be at the GCCA Swap Meet selling hobbyist-grown plants from easy-to- grow to specialty aquatic plants for aquascaping. We will also have manzanita wood of various sizes for sale. Follow us on Facebook or at
GreenwaterGreenwaterGreenwater Aquarist SocietyGreenwater Aquarist Society Club Table! Club Information, Fish, Plants, Other Aquatic Related Items & Supplies. Stop On By For Some Fun With The One & Only STEVE! rumor has it this will include some sort of singalong with a club song he wrote, but don't quote me on that. ;)
ScottMillerChicago Ornamental Shrimp SocietyThe Chicago Ornamental Shrimp Society will have a table at the upcoming swap to raise funds for the organization. We will be selling several types of shrimp including Cherry Shrimp, Blue Neocaridina, Crystal Black Shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp, Tibee, Tangerine Tiger and others. Visit the GCCA classifieds section for pictures and pricing. The shrimp we will be selling are breed and raised by our members. Pre-orders are encouraged as we ran out of most types before and will only bring a small quantity of extra shrimp, so message me if you are interested. We will also have Alder cones, Indian Almond leaves, Guava leaves, Shrimp Nets, Feeding Dishes, Sponge Filters, and other items for sale.
jeffschaneFish between the both of us we will have great blood lines on tangs and malawians
RickBoester/ Steve BorsiniColored peacocks and haps. Females and fry available if pre ordered. Also New Life Spectrum. email Available fish on Facebook under Boesters Aviary and African Cichlids. May not get everything listed.
RickBorsteinChicago Livebearer SocietyLivebearers, plants, driftwood and fish donated by Goliad Fish Farms.
SteveBottsMisc. types of catfish and some equuipment
LarryGreningSmall Discus , Reds Cobalts , Blue Diamonds and Red Tourq as well as a couple Larger ones , I will also have misc Julidichromis and those awsome smaller Koi Angels and as always Pre Orders are welcome please email me at for pics and other info.
Jason & MichelleHainlineVisit our web site Email us at We encourage preorders to guarantee you will get the fish you want plus preorders will get best looking fish from the group. Some of the fish on our list we may only have one or two so this is another reason to preorder. We do not bring females or unsexed unless preordered. Contact us for more info on any species listed below most we have males available, some we have females available and some we can offer unsexed. Look for our ads also on GCCA classifieds. MBUNA Rusty's, Yellow Fin Mbambas, Msobo, Chipoake, Elongatus Chailosi, Elongatus Chewere, Elongatus Likoma, Elongatus Mpanga, Polit, White Top Hara, Demasoni, Albino Socolofi (snow whites), Jalo Reef, SRT Hongi & Afra Cobue PEACOCKS Dragon blood, Red Shoulder, Ngara Flametail, Eureka Red, Flavesent, Bi-Color 500, German Red, Ruby Red, Turkis, OB, Sunshine Benga, Lemon Jake & Red Top Lwanda VICTORIAN Pundamilla Nyererei Look for our banner overhead on our table. You can email us/call/text Jason & Michelle 815-690-2067
Dave Sielaffpeacocks and haps
ThomasKroutAlbino red and regular red IFGA breeding stock guppies, hi fin retail swords, breeder and small hi fin albino Angus catfish, large angels, breeder pair angels, miscellaneous aquarium supplies
RandyBlaszczykFish, frozen fish food
Bob and GaleBorgerCaptain Bob's FishtalesWe will have our full line of Captain Bob's Sink or Swim fish foods. Including S.O.S. Probiotic Flake food and Algae Wafers on sale for ten dollars per pound. Plus many other powdered and granule type foods. Micro, Walter, Banana and White worm cultures. Bamboo pleco caves, and a few bags of Japanese Blue Double Sword Guppies.
DavidTownsendFish & Dry Goods
JesseBebowbeebs fishroomFish
LouisMoralesTROPICAL HAPPY FISHLOTS OF FISH! (stock list coming soon)
Mat & JennRehbergM&J AquaticsWe will bring African cichlids from fry size to adults and a verity of bristlenoise plecos. We accept cash, PayPal and Credit/Debit cards.
bobnesnidalfood (flake and pellets) aquarium thermometes, led lights
brettstokesLwanda, ob peacocks, albino cobue, turkis, albino dragonblood, ngara. fry to breeding groups. pre orders welcome.
MugwumpJon MillerJon's AngelsFish
MugwumpJon MillerJon's AngelsFish
JustinDatavsDatzcichlids and AqueosAfrican cichlids, premium fish food, betas
AleeYangFlowerhorn, flowerhorn food, super red dragon, kamalau, thai silk, kml x viper genes. We also have a proven thai silk male for sale for 100.00. This thai silk has produced many of our thai silk offsprings! We have nice 6-7 inch super red dragons as well. Nice and koky asking 150.00 each. We also have some cool angelfishes as well. If you have any questions about any of these fishes, text me at 414-702-1010. Thanks!
ThomasBergerAfrican Cichlids For the list go to
AleeYangFlowerhorn, flowerhorn food, super red dragon, kamalau, thai silk, kml x viper genes. We also have a proven thai silk male for sale for 100.00. This thai silk has produced many of our thai silk offsprings! We have nice 6-7 inch super red dragons as well. Nice and koky asking 150.00 each. We also have some cool angelfishes as well. If you have any questions about any of these fishes, text me at 414-702-1010. Thanks!
MarkSchmidtFish, misc. equipment, white worms, grindal worms
JerryLeJulie marlieri Yellow throat Kelisa Geo altifront Frontosa
BruceCanadayBroad Street PetsFish
BrantleyBerryPre order for best deals. Last swap before summer! Pleco caves, discus cone, cichlid huts, xtreme food.
Josephine Christopher Discus Fish
WARRENCRABTREEmidwest tropical fishAulonocara Lemon Jake Aulonocara Eureka super Red Aulonocara sp. Roter Kaiser Aulonocara German "Turkish" Aulonocara koningsi Mbenji Aulonocara Lwanda Hai red top Dimidiochromi Albino compressiceps Placidochromis jalo reef F1 Placidochromis gissel (F1) Cynotilapia zebroides (afra) cobue ALBINO Altolamprologus Compressiceps F1Red Lufubu Altolamprologus calvus Congo fin ''Black Cyphotilapia frontosa Karago Cyphotilapia frontosa "7 stripes" Kigoma Cyphotilapia frontosa Mpimbwe blue Lamprologus Cylindricus Neolamprologus Tretocephalus Synodontis Petricola and dry goods
KaimingMeiFancy Discus, LED lights, Aquarium Equipment etc.
MikeDellariaFish, discus, angel fish, fish supplies


American Cichlid Association Fish Competition

Aquatic Experience – Chicago is hosting the inaugural American Cichlid Association Fish Competition, Nov. 4-6, 2016. The competition is composed of 25 classes in nearly all new and old world cichlid groups with cash awards given to first place winners in each class, plus a $500 Grand Prize and $100 Reserve Best of Show. All competitors receive free 3-day admission to the Aquatic Experience show floor at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center and entries are open to the public with no limit on the number of entries. The deadline for online registrations is October 27, 2016. More details at


GCCA and Old World Exotics offers Cichlids for Sale at the Aquatic Experience Show

Visit Aquatic Experience and find a huge variety of rare and hard to find cichlids for purchase in the GCCA Booth.

Join GCCA at the Aquatic Experience show November 4-6 at the Schaumburg Convention Center.

GCCA is proud to partner with Old World Exotic Fish Farm to bring you a large selection of fish you can buy and take home!

Expected Fish for Sale

This list is subject to change. Availability is limited to stock on hand. Arrive early for the best selection.

Altolamprologus calvus black Congo
Altolamprologus calvus black F-1  
Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head Kala Island
Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head
Apistogramma agassizi double red 
Apistogramma hongsloi red  
Apistogramma macmasteri gold/ red mask 
Astatotilapia aneocolor yellow belly color!
Aulonocara baenschi Benga yellow regal 
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Otter point 
Aulonocara maisoni Chitimba blue 
Aulonocara Maulana bicolor 500 
Aulonocara maylandi sulferhead 
Aulonocara maylandi sulferhead peacock 
Aulonocara Ngara flametail
Aulonocara red top Lwanda
Aulonocara sunshine yellow Maleri 
Champsochromis caeruleus
Copadichromis azureus Mbenji 
Cynotilapia afra Lions Cove
Cyphotilapia frontosa Moba "Zaire blue" 
Cyprichromis sp jumbo lepto blue orchid Livua
Cyrtocara moorii blue dolphin 
Dimidiochromis compressiceps 
Eretmodus blue point Malasa Island
'Haplochromis' (Pundamilia) sp. fire hap Uganda
'Haplochromis' sp. obliquidens/thick skin Kenya
'Haplochromis' sp. red fin florescent pink ~3"+
Hemigrammo caudalis yellow congo tetra 
Julidochromis dickfeldi Moliro 
Julidochromis regani Burundi 
Labeotropheus fuelleborni OB orange 
Labidochromis perlmutt
Labidochromis Ruware yellow-orange 
Lamprologus buescheri Kachese ~1.5"
Lamprologus daffodil Kantalamba F-1 
Lamprologus leleupi orange 
Lamprologus ornatipinnis (shell dweller)
Lamprologus tretocephalus  
Lethrinops intermedius 
Limnochromis auritus ~2.5"
Metriaclima estherae albino OB red zebra 
Ophthalmotilapia nasuta Kipili orange
Otopharnyx lithobates red top 'aristo' 
Paratilapia bleekeri green spot  
Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo 
Paratilapia polleni small spot Fony
Paretroplus maculatus one spot damba 
Paretroplus menarambo pin stripe damba 
Pelvicachromis subocellatus Matadi
Placidochromis milomo VC10 
Placidochromis phenochilus sapphire
Protomelas sp "spilonotus tanazania' insignus org belly 
Pseudotropheus demasoni
Pundamilia sp. crimson tide Kenya
Tropheus brichardi Mtoto (Congo) yellow face 
Tropheus brichardi Ulwile fiery fry
Tropheus duboisi Maswa 
Tropheus duboisi Maswa F-1 
Tropheus moorii cherry spot 
Tropheus moorii Ilangi Nkamba F-1
Tropheus moorii kaiser II (Kiriza) 
Tropheus moorii Ndole red ~1.5" Sale!
Tropheus moorii orange flame Bemba 
Tropheus moorii 'Tanzania Murago' F-1

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